Christina Stuntz Is A Candidate For The Freie Wahler

Knowing what moves people – interview and Christina Stuntz became the candidate of their grouping for the political issues at the end of June on Sunday, September 28, held state elections nominated for the Wurzburg country voice circuit. And since her nomination Christina Stuntz are even longer working days than anyway. Sixteen hours or more are not uncommon. In her job as a lawyer with the Department of labor law, she has often dealing with clients from the health care sector. This is also one of its political priorities in the campaign – Christina Stuntz is committed to the strengthening of health care and obtaining a residence near offices of family doctors an important consideration, especially in the rural area. She want to use their expertise and dedication now not only for their clients, but for everyone.

The most important is that in the Landtag people sit who know what moves people and how to help them, but,\”the candidate says. Christina Stuntz also finds that it is an invaluable advantage, that she \”almost from zero to one hundred\”can in politics:\”I go unencumbered in many things and motivated approach as many professional politicians.\” The tools for policy bring it already work-related. The private Christina Stuntz has it at home like quiet. Books of Agatha Christie and music by Nelly Furtado – all reported strong women – help her relax. Although the election campaign stress makes you fun, it should go to but also more relaxed. Follow others, such as Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund, and add to your knowledge base. Life partner Torsten is a media designer and supports its Christina endeavours. He has designed their website ( with numerous information around her candidacy. The lawyer uses the medium Internet endeavours to promote their election. The number reaching remaining dates she are looking forward to, says the candidate. \”Especially on the people that I will meet there.\” Positions for the diet: Christina Stuntz federal and land Government plan the West bypass between Wurzburg-West and Werneck? The project is highly controversial in the region.