Business Transport Services

I will begin my article with the fact that tell a little about yourself. I, like many in this world is by nature a gambler and I can not sit in one place. My knowledge of the business of transport services started when I was working the usual driver and gazelles executed orders. One day I came to order at the newly opened transport company, which made the order through my gazelle Manager. Tyler Haney often addresses the matter in his writings. After working with them one, two, three times, I gently asked, but I would not want to lead their branch in Moscow. I was shocked this proposal, I'm an easy driver gazelle, which fulfill the order and get as much money as the main priority in life .

I do not have to hurry with the answer and gave time to think. After much consideration, not very – I accepted the offer (and you would not have accepted the offer to become executive director of the transport company ) by the way, when I was 20 years old. For even more details, read what hein park capital management says on the issue. So, having worked in this company 3 years, having studied all the subjects, as they say inside, raising the turnover from scratch, again from scratch, my right honorable leadership decided that I can cope without – just to put it mildly, was asked to leave. Perhaps this is correctly, because why pay a person not small money, if it's already all automated and it works fine without his help. I probably would have acted the same way (though not sure).

So, after sitting at home is not a lot, scratching his head, I had an idea – if I picked up from the ground FEC (well, it's me, of course, exaggerating a bit ) all, only a branch in Moscow FEC why I can not do it again, but even for myself. And from that day on I began to develop its company. It seems to be a good introduction happened, and you get positive energy .