Best Books

Get a good education from experienced and competent teachers – a difficult task. A role in this area are learning materials such as textbooks, workbooks, manuals and other printed matter in this direction. C On the other hand the quality of teaching material to a large extent depends on the methodological literature. It is no secret that the quality of education in our country significantly decreased compared with Soviet times. Program secondary school easier. Prior to institute a student does not receive the knowledge needed to become a specialist high level. And higher education is not always good.

This is partly also because of the low levels of educational literature. Like mushrooms after the rain grows, new editions of textbooks that contain a large number of errors. Reprinting old books is not always reliable. A series of publications of translations overseas training materials initially underestimated the requirements for students. In these circumstances it is very important to the quality of study and teaching of printed products is strictly controlled by the state, namely Ministry of Education, which, unfortunately, does not always take adequate measures to improve the quality of education. Made and sold printed educational materials must comply with government standards. At the desks of schoolchildren should not be exposed to books with errors.

States should undertake tenders for the purchase of textbooks among firms selling educational literature. Moscow company "Egghead and K 'is Distributor of educational literature for many years. In her arsenal are only tested and earned the confidence of textbooks, workbooks, teaching materials and textbooks. The company provides both retail and wholesale trade, participating in bidding to supply the literature in educational institutions. In order to improve the usability acquisition literature has been recently opened an online store where you can order and get the right book without leaving home. Operates a flexible system of discounts. Prices for goods is much lower than urban areas. Buying textbooks for a reliable company you care about the quality of education themselves and their children.