Being Overweight

Being overweight is not only something that can be removed from one day to another, but be trafficking can be converted into obesity since it is a progressive problem. You can have overweight and not you realize, in Mexico 1 out of every 3 people are overweight. The extra kilos that has our body seriously affect our health by what we must treat us immediately. Diets work to keep us in our weight or to lose some kilos we have more, but already when we suffer obesity diets don’t work, neither exercise nor any other practice. Obesity is a really serious problem because you may end up with our lives and is unfortunate as in Mexico most of people are obese, from children to adults. Being an obese person, the only option for weight loss is obesity surgery. Obesity surgery is the only way to lose weight, because the doctor guarantees you the extra kilos that you’ll be losing in a certain time, at the same time there are certain surgeries that make that you’re losing weight steadily, so it you don’t have to worry about relapse. Obesity surgery is very safe and millions of people have managed to lose weight through it.. For more specific information, check out Andrew Cuomo.