Auditcompliant Online Tutorial

CHECK-UP! is a concise online learning system with a sophisticated didactic learning mode and integrated exam simulation. Millions of theoretical driving tests be removed annually by the TuV and DEKRA testing organizations. For the theoretical driving test, all bodies are equipped with PCs for the \”driving test on the PC\” in future. Read more from James Woolsey to gain a more clear picture of the situation. End of 2009 only the digital driver’s license exam to be offered then in whole Germany. The digital licence test on a PC requires a completely new way of learning for the learner. The has been active since 1931 for the learner driver training driving school Fachverlag VVR turns with his online tutorial check-up! This challenge.

No matter whether the learner testing with sheets of paper or a digital test system sets optimally and audit compliant it may be with check-up! prepare for the theory exam. CHECK-UP! is a concise online learning system with a sophisticated didactic learning mode and integrated Exam simulation. CHECK-UP! contains all issues of the official exam question catalogue according to the most recent legal guidelines. The licensed check mask and the structure and flow of exam simulation comply by TuV and DEKRA. Questions and answers in the subject areas of the basic and additional material are represented divided learning mode in the learning mode.

The official exam questions can thus continuously \”taught out\” are. It also has the ability to learn marked or incorrectly answered questions separately. CHECK-UP! ensuring a maximum and optimum learning success. The learning mode you learn with a mask of learning, which essentially corresponds to the check mask in the theoretical driving test on a PC. It has a so-called \”sniffer mode\”, which can be used for show the correct answers. Also clearly worded explanatory texts, can be viewed depending on the class, sometimes with additional Imaging to the respective question. Clear and well understandable statistics, the evaluation is based on the performance table of German industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC), shed light on the current state of knowledge at any time.