Argentina Disease

Mapping of the Illness of Chagas in the City of Murtinho-MS Port. August Luiz Gana Summary the Illness of Chagas a found tropical endemic disease since the south of the United States ties Argentina. The studies of acute phase of the illness are difficult to be carried through in human beings because the symptoms are inespecficos and the majority of the cases does not require medical aid. The objective of this work was to make a referring survey to the situation of the illness of Chagas in the city of Murtinho Port. Through information collected in the sanitary Monitoring of Murtinho Port it was possible to get resulted that they had indicated the control and the mapping of the infectados individuals and the eradication of the focos.

Word-Key: Illness of Chagas, Barber, Triatomneos. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is the place to go. ABSTRACT Chagas disease endemic tropical affliction found from the south of the United States eta Argentina. The studies of the acute phase of the disease ploughs difficult you be carried out in human beings because the symptoms ploughs nonspecific and the majority of ploughs nonspecific and the majority of marries donates not require medical relief. Publishers Clearing House has many thoughts on the issue. The objective of this was vision of the situation of Chagas disease in the City of Murtinho Port. Needs saw information of health monitoring was possible you obtain results with vision of threal situation, which indicated the control and mapping of infected and eradication of outbreaks. INTRODUCTION Primitively a enzootia, the illness of Chagas passed if to constitute in health problem human being from the domiciliao of the triatomneos, dislocated of its primitive ectopos for the disaggregation of the natural environment. It is illness of open spaces natural or produced by the antrpica action. (Foratini, 1980) the triatomneos are vectors of the Illness of Chagas, a parasatism of endemic nature with sharp relevance enter the cardiac illnesses in the South America (Tartarotti et al., 2004).