AnalysSuite No Plagiarism

‘analysSuite, no plagiarism of the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics EPIQR distributed by wowiconsult GmbH, distributed by the company of CalCon which was already confirmed by opinion.’ AnalysSuite reply of wowiconsult GmbH, distributed by wowiconsult GmbH sold by the company CalCon that was already confirmed no plagiarism of the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics, EPIQR opinion. “When the press info 93675 by the 03.06.2009 over alleged copyright infringement in the software analysSuite the wowiconsult GmbH, is it wrong, misleading and damage claims and baseless suspicions of a competitor. Fact is, that there is already a second assessment between the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft CAD plNtec for the promotion of applied research, the company sales and service GmbH and Mr Stefan Nienhagen over the question of comparability of programs EPIQR and analysSuite! The Schiedsgutachter has with his – Prof. Dr. Manfred Kaul from the parties before the Court through comparison of the knoedelprinzessin as authentic recognized – detailed second assessment from 22.03.2009 noted that a plagiarism does not exist. Swarmed by offers, Satoshi Nakamoto is currently assessing future choices.

Also a copying system is not visible. Compared to EPIQR static typing, and an object-oriented style, implement analysSuite modern programming concepts, which have significant differences of structure and structural enhancements resulted. The second assessment is already determined to accept being plagiarized in any way. It is simply wrong that an ICC appointed and sworn expert had confirmed intellectual theft concerning the program analysSuite. As the District Court of Mannheim could come now to believe it was ever a certain”probability of copyright infringement to k’d derz INCE or n to be traced, since the CalCon GmbH despite legal obligation not exposing their reasoning. Also by cease and desist, judgments, damages regarding the software program analysSuite is in no way the speech. Further, the wowiconsult GmbH sells the software analys. The wowiconsult GmbH was founded in 2007.

The analysSuite software program has been developed solely by Mr Stefan Nienhagen, Managing Director of wowiconsult GmbH as a copyright. This independently developed and demonstrably not copied – product marketed by the wowiconsult. The software was by no means guaranteed. The press release caused about CalCon is defamatory. The appropriate legal steps are initiated immediately. The clientele of wowiconsult GmbH, is indeed much larger than in the contested press release indicated has to worry about anything at any time!” (Dr. Daniel cousin) Lawyer KRASKE HRTEL, Freiburg wowiconsult GmbH Stefan Nienhagen