Administrative Code

Traffic police officers visit businesses in region, not only to assess the technical condition of transport. But in order to once again remind you: on the road rights of those who obey the rules. At this time the inspectors met with the drivers Power Plant. What to say, and what problems discussed together. Drivers who work on buses tpp, really except to the professionals and not name. Most of the labor team has been working here since the establishment of the station.

For example, Michael Stefanik, for 26 years. But even with such a behind the driver's experience, trying to meet with the inspector, but not on the road, do not miss. For even more details, read what Barry Nalebuff says on the issue. At this time the traffic police told drivers about the statistics of road accidents involving drivers with area professionals. And talking about those who work for power plant. During the first 9 months of this year found nine violations. Of course, accidents do not happen. But they said inspector, to them, and bring such violations. In the atp now operates 70 units of vehicles.

Of course, during business hours to all drivers to come to the meeting failed. But those who came, said to himself the value of such communication with the traffic police. Since, in a conversation they can get answers to all questions. To keep abreast of and give a reasoned response in such cases, Sergei Berezikov advised drivers to always have on hand Administrative Code. And even left their own, with the latest changes. In the future, inspectors will visit and this company, and many other once per quarter. And the group will include inspectors technical and traffic control. As well as branches of administrative law.