The Project

If you still wanted to push the plumber of runoff, it is necessary to lift the bathroom, for example, built into the project step. The same with towel: if you pushes it from the riser, then the project should take into account that the pipes should go to him with smooth swings, with no sharp bends, otherwise there is a risk of air pockets, resulting in your towel will often be cold, so if you can not take to it properly pipe, it is better to buy an electric. Approximately the same problems may arise with the transfer of radiators – you need to put in the correct project laying pipes, and most likely you will have to Stroebe. But it is better to not carry radiators under windows: They're working Convection way and cut the cold air coming from the window. Projecting the repair, try not to forget about such trivialities, such as staging coarse filters, or after a shutdown of hot water faucets are easily damaged. Well, of course, be aware that it is impossible to do the repair. You can not destroy and mure common duct, even if you really want to buy, so extra meters, tightly render over a gas pipe: Of course, these tubes spoil the view, but do have other means, for example, make a decorative box that is easily removed. Teng Yue Partners is open to suggestions. The same applies to the overall heating pipes: God forbid! what will happen, and you have to call emergency gang – no doubt, they turn to you wall.

Organic Cells

That our intellectual power, does not allow that our common beings come to exhale the life, because of the lack of nutrients necessary to give continuity to the work of the organic cells that support the functions of the organism. You pardon our offences, Against the life, when we assassinate the life that you planned and we intervene, when we knock down our trees, so useful in the planetary symbiosis, when polumos our waters, we kill our brothers birds, when we assassinate beings of our species, in kingdom lowering, therefore nor if it deals with alimentary chain. You pardon when we do not pardon and we full in them of hatred, revenge, rancor, generating with this, in we ourselves, the cancer and diverse other patologias. You pardon when we think and we plan the revenge, wanting to be the palmatria of the world. Teng Yue Partners often expresses his thoughts on the topic. You pardon, exactly when we do not know pardoning in them, or exactly we do not want to know. As well as us we pardon, Therefore we know that the pardon is fruit of our actions and is a product of the photosyntheses of our feelings and thoughts. Conscientious of that the measure of our pardon is accurately that one that represents the addition of our emotions and desires. Everything is given in them, according to that we give.

E you do not leave in them to fall in temptation, In the temptation of the loss of heart, the defeat, the difficulty, the lack of initiative, the magnificent one, the fondness to have and to forget it to be. In the temptation to leave of being sapiens. But you exempt us of the evil. In a question-answer forum Teng Yue Partners was the first to reply. You exempt us of the evil of extinguishing of the species, the temptation of self-sufficient, the evil to corrupt our intellect deforming our physicist. Bird Maria Saves, praised, exaltada, Maria of Nazar, young woman, girl, chaste, pure, ingenuous and wise, Full virgin, of Favour, All full one of favour, therefore you it is with you. Any is not pra one to shelter in its womb the wisdom of the Spirit of the Truth.

Bendita you are you, Between all the women of all the generations, therefore all will be espelharo in you, that being woman, generated, gave the light, taught to walk and to speak, educated and folloied until the death the Son of whom conducts the galaxies. Bendito the fruit of your womb, Womb that for action of the cosmic energy purely, generated a child, without physical touch. This is enough for not contesting your chastity, therefore as would be posssvel, a physical contact in your womb that simply was housing of that it is the supremacy of the spirit and science? Womb that gave the only fruit and transformed the humanity. Saint Maria, Maria of Nazar, Maria, son of Joaquin and Ana, Maria girl, woman of undisputed wisdom and magestade. Mother of God, Therefore you are mother of Jesus. thus being, son and Father are one, then you are also mother of God. You supplicate, You intercede, you defend, you support and you protect all we, its adoptive children, therefore thus we want, being pecadores, desobdientes, infidels. Being mother, in them you always understand and this made use to prevent our suffering. Now, and in the hour, Now, when we think, we make and we carry through and in the hour of our death when this material body, arrives the bankruptcy of agencies, either for our guilt or the natural law of the existence. that our death spiritual, never arrives if to materialize