Natural face lift or Hollywood facelifts the vernacular says the eyes are the window to the soul. But the eyes would be nothing without our face, so to speak, the facade in which they sit. Our emotions and feelings are reflected in both, that alone not be expressed are words. The Italian philosopher Dante Aligheri noticed the face reveals the mood of the heart”, and so he’s totally right. But what if the mood of our heart no longer can reflect in our face? The efforts of the modern world professional stress, sleep deprivation, environmental pollution and the natural aging process attack not only internally, but above all outside our bodies, and cause the skin grows old before its time. In addition to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the facelift is the solution. It belongs to the most implemented operations since the advent of modern aesthetic surgery. Especially Hollywood personalities again offer insights that as a Face lift can change a person.

Of course, there are also negative examples, however, we must not forget that most women make no public affair from her face lift. Most of the Hollywood facelifts therefore not comes in the tabloid press. The most facelift achieve such good results that the layman doesn’t recognizes it as such, and they so no negative and therefore uninteresting for the press. Unrealistic notions of patients or the fault of doctors who promise too much are a leading cause of unnatural-looking face lift, where the skin is stretched, and the facial expressions is limited. With a face lift, you can never completely stop the aging process; but at moderate application significantly slow down. A 10-15 years younger face is quite possible.

Important is that realistic estimates his desires, and be treated by physicians, which perform no exaggerated facelifts. At MedClinicen.de find them not only clinics in their area, but above all reputable and experienced doctors and physicians. The possibilities for the facelift are manifold. Streamlining of skin in the facial area, to reduce wrinkles, combined with liposuction at Doppelkinnen, or correction of the eyelids and eyebrows. “These interventions may still combined with other anti-aging treatments are dermal fillers” sharp contours, or lines you fold. At MedClinicen.de you can learn about the ways and methods of the facelift. In any case, is considered to ensure a possible natural looking facelift by moderate ideas, good preparation, and with an experienced surgeon. At MedClinicen.de they are at the right address. The worst thing would be a facelift after you can not even properly laugh namely. “The Roman poet Martial knew: A face, which is missing the laughter is not welcome”.


Life, this path that sometimes is so difficult and so beautiful sometimes is so unknown in its essence, many questions are created in our minds; do we do here?, where we come from?, for that we have to love?, do that have to suffer, hate, laugh, cry, etc.?, by that life is sometimes so difficult?, all emerging from our minds based on our circumstances, education, culture, and even geographic location. There will be human beings who live in a State of tranquility and indifference to the events of his own life, good for them! And I say this in all seriousness now that with so many concerns that life itself has one or two concerns less is fabulous, habemos people things that they happen to us, or that we seek us things happen, whether good or bad doesn’t matter, the important thing is to go regardless of consequences on many occasions, say this with reason a reason that now narro as well: The room cold and the high-pitched sound of the medical devices I woke up opened my eyes and as already was becoming customary first thing and the only thing that could look was the ceiling of the room of intensive therapy where I was, already by 2 months, the strange sensation of stretching that came in my head which was held by 2 screws embedded in my skull pulled backwards through a pulley, cords and weightsThis, in order to pull my column and release the pressure of the cervical vertebrae, the headache had decreased, there was no pain, I had no sensitivity in my body, movement did not exist and my only companion was the sound of appliances of survival that are connected to different parts of my body always in a chit constant repetitionmy mind reviewing the tragic moments of the accident, always recurring reflection of repentance, knowing I did bad, maybe if I had gotten into the House instead of having me fanned that last nailed, that maybe if it would not have taken much, if perhaps and maybe and as always the maybe thousands, which I calaban the consciousness, which was trapped in a dead-end, no replies, a tear came out of my eye, I slip smoothly and slowly down my cheek, the route of that tear open burning sensation in my throat, product of immense sadness that existed in my heart, the dumb sob was a sword that crossed my forehead from merciless my brain to the Fundby removing the instants of the tragic event, causing a hole in my chest, which was beginning to feel the emptiness of my lungs; one or two puffs of air were sufficient to lead to more tears, that as knives used to cut my skin, the sound of appliances were lost in a heap of contradictory sensations that varied between pain, repentance, doubt, confusion and the immense loneliness that I hugged, suddenly in an attempt to pull air found resistance from my throatsomething it had stuck, my instinct told me that I had to try to pull more air, the sadness became despair tears left sprout I opened my eyes as asking to enter air of somehow in my, I felt an immense despair by not being able to breathe and one after another, with my mouth open trying to pull some air, very little went in me, fear I leave back to despair a dizziness that was accelerating rapidly invaded my head without being able to move me, all feelings of impotence were accumulated in the upper part of my bodymy throat was closed, my nostrils were trying to open up more, nothing worked, sound which smashed my ears toward a few minutes was lost in intense heat that came over my face and that clouded my view, already not had more to do there with whom fight the struggle was useless, because there was no fear, this had become uncertainty, stop breath waiting for something to happen and my wait was, silence; a beautiful silence accompanied by an infinite peace apagaban fear, despair, anguish, uncertainty, didn’t need anything, the feeling was magic, my body which until a few seconds ago was trapped, now he was free, it was floating in the air, in that same air that refused to enter into my lungs, now was my ally, my transportation, without realizing me I was surrounded by people, themselves, not seen but knew that they were there, I didn’t need to see them, feel them with knew who were, he knew, the ceiling of the fourth’s intensive therapy was now on my back looking down and I found myself lying on the bedonly a white sheet I covered up the chest, my face with the mouth and eyes open let see desperation and fear that came over me until a few seconds before, I didn’t feel anything to me, all the sensations that I tormented before had become quiet, calm, at peace, repetitive sound and lacerate you survival equipment had become a single, continuous whistlingsuddenly I saw that hastily entered several doctors and nurses, spoke all at the same time, worried and some altered moving arms, some nurses entered and hastily leaving the room at a time a nurse entered with a cart on which was a box connected to various hoses, the doctor who noticed that he wore the remote volume one of the tubes and inserting in my mouth, which was totally open and sustained by other doctors there present who was trying to open it further, I scream pin!. Visit European Region Operational Center for more clarity on the issue. . . DriWay is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Fill Out Surveys

All depends on what you consider money. Many sites offer you the chance to win hundreds of thousands filling surveys paid in a few months. It is likely that this seems impossible or, at least, fairly unlikely. If your site has hundreds of users, how you will get enough money to pay everyone every year? The answer is very simple: will not do it. Sites that offer you to earn large sums of money, regardless of whether they are paid surveys, pages of payment by check emails or click on the main pages of their sponsors, are generally scams (SCAM, in English) and must be left on side.

However, this does not mean that you can not get a second monthly income through paid surveys. Quite the opposite. You must simply be careful when selecting the companies that work with. Doing a quick review of the name of the site in question on the internet soon will know if it is legit and you can get their income. A good tip is to register on the most of companies possible, provided that they fulfil your expectations. For example, if you like the gifts do not enroll in sites that pay with cash and vice versa.

On the other hand, to avoid confusion and loss of passwords, it is good to keep the same user name and key to all. You can even put the same e-mail account to collect their dividends. That Yes, make sure mail password is different from which has been used in users so that it can steal and lose your winnings. And please, before partnering read frequently asked questions and the terms of the contract to be sure that you have understood the payment method and the type of questions you will receive. This will avoid many headaches in the future. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money in the easiest way possible, please Click here. Original author and source of the article.

Chicken Curry

Historical review: My father who was loving and amateur Cook for strong flavors between them based on the curry flavors. Often in my house tasted dishes whose main ingredient was the curry. Also when we ate Chinese food, never missing orders of chicken curry, so very early in my life I had fondness for these dishes from the Middle East. I particularly have in memory a chicken curry that I ate at a restaurant in Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela area, about 20 years ago. Since then memorize that recipe ingredients and assiduously prepare it at home with certain variants. Ingredients: 3 pounds chicken in dams.

(thigh, thigh, chicken breasts and wings) 2 tablespoons oil. 1 Saute chicken 2 onions cut into strips (julienne) 2 celery stalks cut into wheels 1 teaspoon Curry 5 cloves of crushed garlic 2 tablespoons white flour 1 cups broth of chicken 2 Green apples cut into small cubes or striped shelled. 2 Carrots cut into pieces of 1 inches, and These in turn in half 2 large white potatoes peeled and cut into pieces of 1 inches. 1 Large Zucchini cut into pieces of 1 inches. Salt and pepper to taste preparation: thoroughly wash the chicken, remove skin and all visible fat… Heat half the oil in a skillet over medium-high heat, cold chicken in batches, until that this crisp and drain on absorbent paper.

In the same skillet, add the rest of the oil and saute strips of onion and celery until tender. Stir in garlic, curry and flour; stir until the mixture has absorbed the liquid and becomes grainy. Remove from the fire. Bring chicken broth slowly, stirring, until the mixture is homogeneous. Add chicken, potatoes and carrots, cover it and let it simmer, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes. Add the apples and Zucchini; leave it to simmer for 15 minutes or until the chicken is tender presentation: serve with white rice. Optionally you can optionally add quarter pound of raisins another Variant that enriches the recipe is add Cup cream of milk or milk of coconut write us to or contact us at our website: original author and source of the article.

Video -surveillance

In fact, applications are almost unlimited. Here are listed some examples: – probes with micro medical cameras introduced in the human body.-monitoring of traffic on a bridge-monitoring industrial such as foundries, bakeries, – manual or automatic Assembly.-process surveillance in conditions of absolute darkness, using infrared light.-surveillance in public transport vehicles.-surveillance in key areas, businesses, shops, hotels, casinos, airports.-monitoring of the behavior of employees.-supervision of children in the homein the school, parks, creches.-surveillance of parking lots, including plates of the vehicle-monitoring of points of review, vehicles or persons.-Facial analysis for identification of criminals in public areas. Logically, in almost all cases CCTV must be accompanied by the recording of events that is monitored in order to obtain evidence of all important movements, and to also minimize the human surveillance of the monitors. AUDIO and VIDEO: Called audio to all the sounds, voices, noises, music, etc., that are picked up from the environment (for microphones) and sent by a means of Telecommunication (cable, radio frequency, fiber optics).In the same way it happens with the images, which to be converted to inpulsos electetricos of any format, called video.The Audio and Video, on the other side of the closed circuit, are reproduced as sound and image through speakers and monitors respectively. ELEMENTS THAT MAKE UP A CCTV CAMERA SYSTEM. Hear from experts in the field like Navy Federal Credit Union for a more varied view. The point of generation of video of any CCTV system is the camera.There are cameras that include a built-in microphone.There are many types of camera, each for different applications and different specifications and features, which are: – black and white, Color, or dual (for applications by day and night)-operating temperature.-Weatherproof-lighting (sensitivity). Environmental conditions (minimum and maximum temperature, humidity, salinity).-resolution (image quality)-(American NTSC and European PAL) format system.-voltage power supply-dimensions-type of lenses used.-quality and size of CCD-the CCD is the chip that initially captures the image and its size and quality is very important.-Most commonly used in CCTV is the 1/3?, but there is (minors) and also of (older) . .

Being Happy

Some pairs arrive at the physical violence, because according to those pairs, deserve to have a lesson. It is a full life of pain and suffering, because once established the relations thus, require of psychological aid to be able to heal. Place for the difference does not exist. To include/understand the love like dependency and the fusion is to hang itself affectively of the pair relation so that it satisfies our whole life. Areva has similar goals. It does not matter what the pair does to me, most important it is than love I it, and thus I am able to tolerate situations of abuse, humiliation, indifference and abandonment. Relations full of a very immature love that take to us to flatten the life time and time again.

We depend on the pair to be happy, not to be happy, to be with spirit or to fall in a deep depression. We are at the mercy of in our affective life than it occurs with our pair. As leaves to the wind we left or we retook our motivation in the life according to our affective climate. As much in the possession as in the dependency we are full of pain and suffering, therefore, we are forced to make a personal revision of ours, if we did not wish the future in continuing living in a condition of this nature. Yes for you you are very important the life in pair, and one is with a high degree of grief and impotence perhaps, needs to review its forms to love and to be related in pair. The love is not nor its Thanks to read to me, my mission is the quality of emotional life.

It would enchant to me that you wrote to me and to know your opinion. But you have fallen in love and you suffer, surely, you require to rethink your personal life and your way to establish your relations of pair. Cecreto is a space dedicated to the quality of emotional grapevine. Account with electronic equipment stops that you recover the confidence in the love, but mainly, the same love. Suscrbete to the bulletin and receives free: The Ten Orders of the life in pair How To recover the Confidence in the love, hurt and scars in the pair relation.


The most powerful advantage you have to buy a second hand car is really the economic thing are their prices in relation to one obtained from a dealer. Read additional details here: Spiral Heat Exchanger. Then for those who wish to have a car and do not have the money to do so, because remove boasts savings of which has and invest them in a cheap car and second hand that after making him a proper review and test before paying for it, also like new cars also have your warranty although by less time, finally the possibilities that today in day are offered thereon no why they missed them. References can be obtained from living sources, i.e. of those who have already tried to have one and so far the car has left them in perfect condition, can take advice from one or another person, of magazines for this purpose. There are many serious virtual guides that can guess as to the whereabouts of this vehicle that both want to buy. As said it the acquisition of one of these means of transport is due mainly economic in which are presented in the Spanish market, following the use which had by its previous owners, damaged and even you can run with the fate dealt a virtually new vehicle than its owner simply he put in for sale because he found the way to acquire another more preferential.

And do not put into question, the conditions by which many second-hand cars are for sale is not due to failures as such, in many cases they are related to how obtained it previously, vehicles that owners put in for sale to collect more money and complete to purchase another. And this is the opportunity that you should not miss in your life. Taking into account a number of recommendations for a business of this magnitude such as a prior revision of automotive machinery, details upholstery that you are aware of fix in the future, considering that such investment will not nor exceed the cost of a new car, elements and accessories original or properly installed, ignition of the car, Windows in perfect condition, if you have or no air conditioning or heating and any other details you must know perfectly. Another advantage is that relating to the use you intend giving that vehicle, as if we would be talking about a truck second hand it is because this is needed for any type of load or work according to its functions, however, should consider that it may not bring it to perform the functions 100% than one new agencyi.e. you can use it as an auxiliary truck that helps you somehow raise their income following the inclusion of this. Now if we talk about an auto occasion, is because its purpose is precisely to do so, to spend on those occasional situations in which you want to offer a presentation of luxury without having others in knowledge value paid for it. Because its physical characteristics will say the opposite to the mileage that it has on your marker. These vehicles you will find them at prices really economic in both dealerships intended for such purposes as you can also buy a second hand car particularly in that from one moment to another its owner decided to REList it. You should take the characteristics you mentioned into account when making their purchase in either of these two ways.


The UNDP report stresses that, in comparison with the year 2000, the number of children who die each year from causes that are preventable has fallen by about three million, enrolment in primary education has increased worldwide and two million more people receive treatment for AIDS. Progress in large scale occurs when there is a strong government leadership, good policies in support of private investment and productivity growth, and when the rational strategies to increase public investments are strengthened through adequate international financial and technical support. This is how many Asian countries have registered the most rapid reduction of extreme poverty in the history of mankind. In Malawi, the Government earmarked a special fund to help farmers get fertilizer and quality seeds. In a single year There was double the corn. Such initiatives can contribute positively in the fight against hunger.

However, out of poverty is not only to increase the productive capacity of countries. The strengthening of people and institutions will need to be accompanied by a thorough review of the conditions and the rules of the game in international trade that closes borders to products that sustain the economies of many countries which attempt to escape poverty. Only with greater equality they may lay the foundations for a free trade and the right environment to attract private investment that the UNDP pointed out as fundamental to the development of the countries of the South. On the other hand, rich countries will have to rethink the agricultural subsidies for their domestic producers and that sinking prices for the products of the South. Although they can achieve fairer trade conditions in the international arena, recognize the leading role of the countries of the South in their own development is a great first step.

Mind Calm

it indicates to us, that we must apply the calm to eat, to work, to rest and to be related to the others. We are those that we must handle to the times of activities and labor obligations and those of relaxation and rest, to enjoy and to enjoy our family, to walk, to chat or simply the fact to spend more time together. Only vast with looking for the exact balance to try to live better and to distribute to our energy between the work and enjoying making activities that relax to us and they give us to please. Some advice to obtain tranquillity: 1) That the hour to eat is a pleasure and not one it tortures, it tmese its time eating slowly and chewing foods well. Educate yourself with thoughts from Publishers Clearing House. 2) To organize previously the activities or meetings not to have to run and to arrive behind schedule at all sides.

3) To sleep the necessary thing, not less than 8 hours, the rest as much loads to us of physical energy as mental. 4) At least twice for week to practice some sport, swimming, tennis or simply to walk, to drink abundant water and to eat fruits to purify the organism. 5) Not to be oppressed with more things of the ones than can solve, remembers that it is better quality than amount. 6) To make things that they cause to please, like listening to music, reading, to paint, or to share time with friendly. 7) When vacations are taken to remember that they are for resting, tries to be with the family enjoying the pleasure to be together, that will be the time better invested. In conclusion, to enjoy the life, that intensely opportunity to live that one has occurred us, we must be known, calm the mind, dominate our emotions, be surprised inatento in everything what it generates a behavior noncorrect, that causes desarmona a same others and. We must drill in the excellent thing that is the reach of to have calm, which this it causes to us, helps us to confront the situations with tranquillity. Simply it is not necessary to neglect it.

United States

The money launderers have returned to the attack this time supplanting to companies with good image, with the intention to capture unwary alamas that makes them the dirty work in exchange for a few crumbs of money coming from illegal activities, from time to time money-laundering visit my mailbox as well as the artists of the pyramid business, you must be quite candid to enter into that type of networks where always loses the last incoming is the first that comes out harmed in case of fall of the network. On the NET there are plenty of pages that promise large sums of money in exchange for selling more implausible, I’ve always wondered how it is possible that this type of business proliferate both by the network, as it is possible that so many people tipping in matters as well. The strangest products there are dietary, energy, products appliances so that your car consume less gasoline, although what most proliferate are medical products, some even of illegal character as the anabolic Internet is chaos where all type of sellers have their showcase to sell his donkey, I have always wondered how there are so many possibilities to cajole people into the strangest chores and that anyone take measures, offering all kinds of products from the most disparate of the most recondite places and is even offered to join a raffle where the prize is the card of residence in the United States, playing with illusions of many people aspiring to something better is curious that internet is a bazaar messed up where almost everything is there, to how to make a bomb nobody puts order in such illegalities opts for the more radical solution, show the wrong side of the net and prohibit everything that facilitates its implementation, because having internet in Spain is a slow and expensive luxurywhere the boys from the general society of authors wants to impose its law, i.e. a barrel by being able to access the network. Internet is not bad, it’s give you a correct use, in my case I use it to promote what I write, find editor on paper when you’re not known is an Odyssey. Internet helps me to monitor my Bank, which no me fio at all, promoted what I do to make myself known, my neighbor uses it to put in order his sentimental life in order, he is given either that, I I am satisfied with leaving the ostracism Internet comes in handy for people with mobility reduced as a server, is a way to get everywhere..