What You Want To

Do you know what you want? That if I ask tell me that Yes, you know what you want. Probably my tell you want to be happy. What grace, that says either. But if I ask that you define (and write) in detail what is be happy for you, are not able neither to write the first word. We live with our mind set on many desires, what we should ask ourselves is if they are desires. If you wonder, probably to discover that most of them have been imposed you from the outside, your parents, the school, the cure (or Rabbi, the same da), media, etc and your own desires? That you don’t know what are. They have domesticated us so, that we have forgotten our true desires, those who there us the soul. Moreover, we do not even dare to say to ourselves about what we want.

They made us believe that they are fantasies, abstract dreams. And we have believed us. But it is not. Our desires are quite lawful. Our desires are our essence.

Forget our desires is forget who we are. It is the worst of betrayals, ourselves. I propose a game, sit down and start to write everything that you want. Read the list the next day and corrected if necessary. Again read the corrected list the next day. Do this exercise daily. I bet double against simple, that after one month, your list will have changed completely, but is not to worry, because that will mean that you’ve been looking inwardly and rediscovering what you really want. And perhaps even begin to give you desire to realize them. Do this exercise, it is fascinating, you’ll be in the start plan your life as you dream it when you were small to, until you pollute with desires of others. So we are, as we can, building our reality. Original author and source of the article.