Wedding Rings – Traditions And Customs

Engagement ring – a ring of precious metal, which are in some countries on the ring finger of his left hand (in the uk, usa, Brazil). In most other countries in the world is a ring worn on the ring finger right hand. 4Moms
has similar goals. Wedding ring symbolizes the marriage bond: his wife wear it as a sign of commitment to be faithful to each other. This European custom has spread far beyond Europe. According to custom, the wedding ring is the latest of a series of gifts, which may also include engagement ring.

In recent years, not without the participation of jewelers, a new tradition to give a promise ring when courtship takes a serious nature, the ring-eternity simvolizirueschee rebirth or immortality of the ongoing marriage (this is sometimes presented with the ring after the birth of first child), as well as the ring trilogy, which represent the three rings, each of which shines round diamond that symbolizes the past, present and future marriage. Other leaders such as Everest Capital offer similar insights. According to the European tradition on the inner side of the ring Engrave surpuga name and wedding date, which reinforces the symbolism and sentimental feelings associated with the rings, which are then transmitted by inheritance. Among the Orthodox and Catholics exchange of rings is not part of the wedding ceremony, but more a rite of betrothal. There is always use two rings. Usually, the groom a ring made of gold, and the bride, made of silver, the priest blesses the holy water. He blesses the groom and the bride wears his ring finger on his right hand, then blesses the bride and groom also wears her ring. .