Viktor Frankl

Transition periods are those that engender the existential emptiness. Viktor Frankl life has its sense of being and is for each to determine it. CMV. For even more details, read what 4Moms says on the issue. While it remains alive in this scenario where we act, not surprising that much still cannot find him sense, that walk in search of answers to questions such as: why live? Why live? Quien soy? Where I come from and where I’m going? What to do with my life? Which way to go? What to do to survive by which so much suffering?. It should not surprise us that many are those who do not identify with the opportunity to live and know that from the moment this happens, it is doomed to die at a time that is not known, either, as it is unknown the time of life that has been given to us. . It is said, than when we have a feeling of senseless suffer what Viktor Frankl has called existential vacuum.

This can cause a neurosis caused by a spiritual problem. We feel a great frustration by not finding our place in the world. Indeed, that has been written in abundance on this issue in order to find meaning to life, what it represents, its scope and how to determine its raison d ‘ etre it generates impact, than of know them control, help to enjoy life time granted. You have said, take into account that the formation of a full sense of life goes hand in hand with the sense of belonging that has the individual with the activities you make in your day to day and with the social groups in which performs it and/or belongs to them. Before a plural cultural reality, it causes not only lack of clarity in the North or social project which follow, but which causes at the same time decoupling between individuals before the predominance of postures towards individualistic life rather than consensus.