Vahrenwalder Marketing

This practice-oriented marketing evening aimed at young entrepreneurs who want to secure your customer acquisition and customer communication, expand and improve. Whether founders or long-time professional. The topic of sales probably releases no. But one of us is already a qualified seller? -Most try out, just look down or pick up something somewhere. But that is sufficient at the present time, to exist in the market and the fierce competition? Rather, it makes sense to invest on this site? How much easier would some other hand go you, if you are successful in terms of sales? “Before you get endless discussions in one with your inner pig dog why don’t invest an evening and take the customers in its sights for free on the MarketingAbend” by hannoverimpuls part? Target group are young entrepreneurs from the region of Hanover, just that (i.e.

approx. 1-3 years) in the market have occurred or are close and there are at least a meaningful business plan. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out James Woolsey. Speaker is Mr. Dipl. kfm. You may find that Rob Daley can contribute to your knowledge. Harald Weber, who has many years of experience as a management consultant for marketing and sales. Alone at hannoverimpuls, he has more than 80 companies in terms of marketing and sales to advanced practice-oriented and success-oriented since 2008.

Date is 30165 Hannover Centrum Hannover, Vahrenwalder str. 7, 16 March from 18:00 to 21:00 in the technology. An overview of the topics and content, as well as an application facility, see… So, tell your son of a bitch? -We are looking forward to your participation! Background information to b2b marketing Harald Weber and hannoverimpuls b2bMarketing Harald Weber as consulting for marketing and sales the marketing of explanatory products and services specializes. In particular, the consultancy has focused on improving the critical aspect of the sales process. Goal is to optimize the existing sales organization and sales results. Reach this is through practice-compliant individual development programs, supporting process consultancy and consistent sales training. More info found on founding, growth and settlement of companies in the region of Hanover this is the aim of hannoverimpuls. founded in 2003 as economic development society of the city and region of Hannover, the company focuses on six sectors, which are available for special growth and job potential of innovation: automotive, energy, information and communication technology, life sciences, optical technologies and production engineering.