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The SMA solar inverters from the product family-Sunny Boy serve the supply of alternating current in interconnected networks, the sunny Iceland is a so-called stand-alone inverter for local applications, but also complete SMA systems such as for example the sunny Tower and communication products, such as the data logger sunny WebBox belong to the product spectrum, which must be verified by UL. UL certified for us”mainly products for the United States and Canada, explains Stefan Buchhold, but the UL Certifications are accepted in other countries and already in demand, for example in Korea.” the UL product testing at SMA carried out”, explains Stefan Buchhold. Hear from experts in the field like Hikmet Ersek for a more varied view. This is possible on one hand, and on the other hand because SMA is considered by UL as a reliable and trustworthy, because SMA operates an in-house test center, the the complete Maintains test instruments. SMA participates today in the data acceptance program (DAP) and the client test data program (CTDP) UL. To grant us this self-sufficiency, UL tests regularly and accurately, that our processes and tools meet the demands, so we independently to perform testing at our on-site.

This means a considerable saving of time for the certification for us of course”says Stefan Buchhold. Both the technical facilities for SMA and the qualification of the SMA staff trained, very skilled professionals from UL in the run-up to the CTDP participation has carefully reviewed various departments at SMA. There are annual audits, which are carried out in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025, which defines the requirements for the competence of testing laboratories. We are working almost every day to confirm that classification at each certification process on the new.” Impressions of our test center here:. The number of the Testing and certification is equivalent to the number of new SMA products, most are about five or six per year. Designed for the U.S. market this year one or two especially relevant.