Time And Money – Time Is Money

At westboxx, rush orders are done quickly, generous dates are specifically rewarded for low prices. Initially the prices charged for the execution of translations, depend on text volume, difficulty and the respective language combination. The translation is so urgent, that must therefore be interrupted the process of other orders, or run at night or on the weekend be carried out by a translator, a rush surcharge. Translation agency westboxx offers also the reversal of the Eilauftrags given much time to run by the client: for the greater flexibility there is a discount of up to 30%, in certain language combinations this flexibility prevents, that we must reject urgent translations, because you can interrupt the processing of long-term translation. “On the other hand avoids empty times: are not normal” jobs available, one devoted to back the translation with the long Run-time. Translation agency must therefore reject orders nor work with high overcapacity. Anyone who rejects orders, risking his regular customers and will not even get many potential new customers. Who keeps high overcapacity, have to kill it on the prices.

The early booking discount introduced initially only temporarily for certain language combinations”should be an incentive for customers to place their orders as soon as possible. It is worthwhile for the translation and for the customer: the customer get his translations at incredibly low cost without compromising the quality including. westboxx is for high-quality translations at competitive prices since rund15. The focus is on translations from German into English, Italian, Spanish and French, and vice versa. To get more information on or by mail to.