The Zohar

He knows how to write in secret, so that only the worthy can understand the key to the wisdom hidden in the "Zohar." Here, of course, not talking about the third eye or trance visions. Simply book "Zohar" written language "branches". Our world is set in motion the forces (gravity, for example). Some of them we can feel, measure, other are beyond our perception. Bye. Further details can be found at Macy’s Inc. , an internet resource.

In order to provide for them, and created a special language – the language of branches. Anyone who wants and seeks, can now develop a special sense of the forces that control us and our world. The key to this – in the science of Kabbalah. Once you have mastered it, people "see" what the book says. Thus, the book "Zohar" is written. And immediately after writing it disappears.

As mentioned in the book itself – is unworthy of generation. Too low spiritual level of mankind. It took 900 years. The book is "accidentally" discovered by Arab caravan. Aramaic is not familiar to them, and they sell like parchment paper down. In the market, by chance is a Kabbalist, who suddenly dies, a dirty vchityvayas a crumpled piece of wrapping paper. He understands that in front of him a sheet of mystery books … He caught the hand of Arab boy who sells these sheets and he shows for two dinars a cave in which lay beneath the stone pile of yellowed sheets … No chance, when we speak of such books as "The Zohar".