The Project

If you still wanted to push the plumber of runoff, it is necessary to lift the bathroom, for example, built into the project step. The same with towel: if you pushes it from the riser, then the project should take into account that the pipes should go to him with smooth swings, with no sharp bends, otherwise there is a risk of air pockets, resulting in your towel will often be cold, so if you can not take to it properly pipe, it is better to buy an electric. Approximately the same problems may arise with the transfer of radiators – you need to put in the correct project laying pipes, and most likely you will have to Stroebe. But it is better to not carry radiators under windows: They're working Convection way and cut the cold air coming from the window. Projecting the repair, try not to forget about such trivialities, such as staging coarse filters, or after a shutdown of hot water faucets are easily damaged. Well, of course, be aware that it is impossible to do the repair. You can not destroy and mure common duct, even if you really want to buy, so extra meters, tightly render over a gas pipe: Of course, these tubes spoil the view, but do have other means, for example, make a decorative box that is easily removed. The same applies to the overall heating pipes: God forbid! what will happen, and you have to call emergency gang – no doubt, they turn to you wall.