The Minorities

Then in this paper, we will occupy to show that the quebradeiras of coconut fight for its rights, that they possess as main objective the continuation of the law of babau exempts, therefore if this will be extinct &#039 will culminate in the one end; ' minoria' ' , since it would be making possible this group to carry through its only activity of way of sustenance, therefore the quebradeiras need a minimum (access to the palms) to be able to fight for its recognition. 1. The formation of the group The rights of the minorities almost never are materialize, these have that to go to the fight in search of its interests, and were then with the necessity of the confrontation of specific conflicts for the access to the use of the coconut babau, that it was organized in the second half of the decade of 80 the social movements that the quebradeiras calls of coconut group babau. This movement that consolidates the union of some women who have as activity to break the coconut and still they objectify to search the guarantee of the access to the areas of occurrence of babau, that they had been surrounded and dispossessed unjustly for farmers, farming pecuaristas and companies. Although the first attempt of organization of the quebradeiras of coconut babau has been in 1989, its recognition was given only in 1991 with the AMQCB (joint of the quebradeiras women of coconut babau), and in 1995 she was that the MIQCB was devoted (interstate movement of quebradeiras of coconut babau), therefore these women who participated of this movement had felt necessity of if interelacionarem with the too much regions that if concentrate in four states of the federacy extending itself ' ' … for hundreds of towns distributed since the valley of the Parnaba, in the state of the Piau, until the valley of the Tocantins, crossing diagonally the state of the Maranho' '.