The Law

Son of Believer is not born believing, needs to become and to accept the Jesus as Mr. and Salvador of its lives. Principles for namoro: The anticipated ownership of the inheritance, in the end will not be blessed. (Pv 20,21) the amount of couples of believing boyfriends, who are exceeding the limits, is so expressive that until shepherds they consider this that normal almost. They are boyfriends who put the hand where they would not have to touch. They do not protect nor respect its future spouse.

They do not give value to the principles that God established. Some, arrive until the o nonsense to keep sexual relations, finding that this is simply a weakness of the meat, excusable for common God and to the present time, since others also make the same and leave ' ' aparentemente' ' unharmed. They do not have shame in the face and still they count to advantages the respect giving up to one of hypocritical moralista in this question. They are young that renounces the orientaes of its parents and leaders. They disdain the confidence in deposited them and deceive its parents finding that the Biblical principles for a happy marriage do not apply more to this generation. They do not perceive that they will be parents one day, and that if he will not have an adjusted concert, they will be able spoon the seeds that had planted. It is the law of the sowing taught for Pablo in Gl 6.7.

The objective of namoro of this form, leaves of being the marriage and starts to be only namoro. Marriage is only one consequence. If to give certain, continue, seno, are alone to break for another one namoro, how many times to want, without any responsibility on this. s_stmp’>Primerica has much to offer in this field. Impressive it is the acceptance of the parents and the tolerance of the leaderships of the churches with regard to the form with that if it initiates and if it keeps one inside namoro and engagement of the churches.