The Eureka Phenomenon

Many people wondered about this phenomenon such particular has root did popular Archimedes is known by the name of Eureka, whose meaning can be translated as Lo found come studying and experiencing the subject of creative development for a very long time. In general, there is in the West a total awareness in thinking that the phenomenon unfolds in the following way: 1-long time researching a particular topic, lot preparation and search for information, organization of information, connections between different data. Call it a process of maturation. Check out Macys for additional information. 2. In a moment of calm, of utmost tranquility, when in reality the subject that concerns us does not seem to be present appears an incomprehensible internal factor that organizes all that information in a special way.

Then the light makes us, appears the Eureka! In appearance, all who have tried to give a rational explanation to this fact, end up by saying that despite the calm, the mind continues to work, while we sleep, or in the moments of maximum relaxation. Does that happen? There is one step away from the unconscious to the conscience? That seems the answer that give most of the scientists. Well, those who have played tennis, golf, football or riding, we have done if we were very attentive surely more than once we have now experienced the best shots, hole in one if ever we have done, the best jump always has occurred without the intervention of the mind. Also if we paid enough attention we have discovered that many times the intervention of mind makes failing the coup or the jump or the move of gol. Is that although hard to believe, the mind is a real nuisance, it is sufficient that one try thinking about the move so that it is immediately blurred. This is not the place for the limited space, to give the explanation to this phenomenon that it seems so singular being so natural to us, however I will introduce certain arguments which help them understand where the thing goes.