The Employee

Motto "Avtokontsepta" consists of three boxes, I go to one of them. Explained master the problem. I say "No problem, wait for 15 minutes will be done." Wizard hub took and hid in the depths of the second box. I must say that Avtokontsept well taken care of the nerves of its customers, separated from the receiver box repairs, so customers could not see the progress of their repair of motorcycles and did not receive strong trauma at the sight of so manipulated. Well, I relaxed, sat down on a soft leather sofa, in general, wait. After five minutes of Boxing began to be heard strange attacks, the nature of noises it was clear that a fellow something hard pounding with a sledgehammer.

Then I began to worry vague doubts. After 20 minutes, goes very well done, in his hand nave. I was glad to have introduced the evening jumped on his iron horse and commit to an evening stroll at night moto Moscow. But there it was … One fellow said to me (literally) "not work" and gives me the hub back. I look at it and to put it mildly puzzled, she just split! Then I remembered the sledgehammer blows and slowly I draw the following picture: the "master" simply forgot to remove the retaining ring. But that's half trouble. Apparently seeing that the stripper he vypressovat podshinpik can not this "genius" decided to force the issue of service with a sledgehammer. Here it is, this tool from the official motto of the employee to you! Once I realized that I do not have to drive for at least another month before they will order a new hub and it will come to Moscow, for some reason I wanted to take a sledgehammer and this most shove it to someone who did all this in an interesting place, apparently with the help of this place and this individual perceives the surrounding reality …

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