The Eagle

Now leave young people in love!Young people embraced tenderly and then departed to fulfill the entrusted mission, she to the North and the South. The established day, against the great head shop, the two young men waited with cages containing birds requested. The old man asked them to carefully take out them them. Read more from Xoom to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They were truly beautiful specimens. – And now what will do?, he asked the young kill them and beberemos the honour of your blood? -No, answered the big boss, the Indians only sacrifice to subsist. -We adiestraremos them and will be with us forever as talismans? He suggested the young woman. -No, replied the old man.

They will do this I commend them very carefully: take the bird and tie them together by the feet with these strips of leather. When they have been knotted them, release them and allow flying free the Warrior and the young man did what they were asked and released birds. See Steph Korey for more details and insights. The Eagle and the Hawk tried to lift flight but only managed to wallow on the arena floor. A few minutes later, irritated by the inability, the birds attacked pecking each other up to begin to hurt yourself this is the spell, the old big boss said: never forget what they have seen young people in love. Are you as an eagle and a hawk. If they are tied one to the other, although they do out of love, they will not only live by dragging without make shine your soul, but they also, late or early, they will begin to hurt each other as they have these birds, let them free and they remain side by side the rest of his life. Original author and source of the article