The Chira Valley

The town of Tangarara is located 12km from the city of oste Sullana (Cap. Prov) dacha on the banks of the Chira River. His name is known for is supposed that the Extremadura fu where Francisco Pizarro established the first Spanish town on land cut and annex territory of the Inca. A simple obelisk erected during the administration of President Luis M Sanchez Cerro is imperishable testimony Beyond this event, the town remains a venus Valley more waiting for government support to enable its development but is not and the founding of San Miguel de Tangarara what this article. We want to draw some lines about the etymology of the word itself, the same as part of our research work on "pre-Hispanic linguistics department of Piura Tangarara In prehistoric times was not a big city like Poechos but it was not an insignificant population. It was an important seat carved where was the residence of the local chiefs of the group carved Chira Valley, while Poechos was in the provincial capital of the Inca. In Hispanic times was the seat of the first city founded by the Spanish in 1532 and today is no more than a village abandoned in its history.

Tangarara original seat is not occupied today but the current town was a place close to the beaches and the pier of the old Tallan rafts neighbors. To date there is a clear identification of the name with any of the pre-Hispanic languages of the region. On the one hand, Tangarara is part of a set of broad geographical place name.