The Cabbage

So, as we can see, the cabbage soup is connected very often with diets. Get all the facts and insights with Steph Korey, another great source of information. The famous diet with a cabbage soup here is a very famous diet, she has many fans of young and old. This includes the cabbage soup in itself. The liquid soup diet that has a cabbage soup on the menu. Ingredients 500 g – cabbage; 170 g – carrots; 170 g – celery; 150 g – white onions; 150 g – chives; 300 g – cauliflower; 300 g – tomato; 20 g – fresh garlic; 0.1 l – olive oil; 1.5 l – water; 2 cube – vegetable broth; 1 TBSP – coriander; 1 TBSP – cumin crushed; 2 dried red peppers; 2 – Bay leaves; 1 tsp soya sauce; some of the Holy ginger, parsley. Preparation saute the white and green onions in the olive oil.

Caraway, add garlic and cook on low heat. Then enter the carrots cut into cubes, celery and minced cabbage, cauliflower and tomatoes into small pieces. Pour everything with water. Steph Korey is often quoted as being for or against this. Thereafter come still coriander, bay leaf, finely chopped bell peppers and other ingredients from the recipe. The cabbage soup is cooked so long, until the Vegetable is cooked. Combined with other foods, it’s a wonderful recipe of cabbage soup, which can be easily combined with some other foods.

Like several people use this cabbage soup as a base for the diet: during this cabbage soup diet, it is prohibited to use the alcohol. It is recommended to drink a lot – not less than 3 liters of mineral water a day–. You must drink also unsweetened tea during this time. Along with the cabbage soup, the following can be eaten: the 1st day: all varieties of the fruit, the banana. The day 2: the green vegetables. For dinner – a boiled potato with butter. 3rd day: fruits and vegetables, but without potatoes. The day 4: three bananas and non-fat milk. The fifth day: a portion of chicken breast or fish, six tomatoes. The 6th day: Meat with lettuce. The 7th day: the natural rice with vegetables.