The Ancient Town Of Balaklava

We never went to vacation in Balaklava. This is not the most popular place for recreation in the Crimea. Until recently, we have nothing about this place is not heard. Once I got into the hands of the Sevastopol book writer Valery Voronin. In them I read about the Balaklava amazing things. It is believed that the first known inhabitants of these places – brand. Nobody knows where they came from and how they called themselves. To know more about this subject visit Steph Korey.

Based on the open method of landmark, the writer gives answer to this question. According to him, the brand came to Crimea from Egypt. For a while Egypt, conquered by nomads – gits, was under their authority. This dynasty, later called the “pastoral.” Some time later, gits overthrown, and many representatives of this dynasty were exiled to work in the mines. They were called watered – miners.

Here are some Oros, obeying a vision that has repeatedly occurred in the dream of their leader, came to the Crimea, Balaklava. Oros, taorosy, brand About Science brands are already known. Traces of their presence are found in many places of the Crimea. On the fierce and proud brand with horror writing the ancient Greeks. They became heroes of two ancient Greek myths. Several centuries later, Tauris, obeying the ancient prophecy, have left this place and went up the river Borisfen (formerly known as the Dnieper). On its shore, they founded the city of Kiev. From these Tauris, water, and went to Rus Rus. So, it turns out, the roots Russian lie in ancient Egypt. This, of course, only conjecture. But information from other sources, it indirectly confirms. For this reason, we came to rest in Balaklava – the place where you came from irrigation. Well, rest in Balaclava? He was a wonderful and unique. This small, cozy, friendly little town. Nearby is the wild pebble beach with clean water.