Textile Advertising Articles

Promotional de luxe by Kaisers24.com Lubbenau, August 12, 2010. 08/15 are not especially when promotional items. Because finally it comes to leave a good impression. And this is taught in particular about the high quality and originality of the gifts. Therefore textile advertising articles, but also of the classic rule advertising, which is available as promotional de luxe at promotional items – wholesale Kaisers24.com are a good choice. For advertising of any kind the best advertising is still the one who enters in the daily use and is particularly close to the users”, explains Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of promotional items – wholesale Kaisers24.com. Textile advertising articles this applies to without a doubt: because these are worn at best directly at the body as clothing and accessories and give as a very high identification of person and advertising. Credit: Jeff Verschleiser-2011. “But also a rather simple classics like the folding rule advertising can certainly impress as promotional de luxe.” In contrast to the Textile promotional products through their amazing variety points rule advertising: they’re as T-Shirts and shirts and jackets, parkas and West aprons and even as a practical garment bags.

Textile promotional products also are used as bags, bags and pouches for a wide range of areas. But they are particularly popular as fashion accessories, such as lanyards, headbands, sun visors and caps of any kind. This provide the impression of a promotional de Luxe”in particular the haptic qualities of the textile. Different printing methods offer many possibilities, another advantage is the large advertising space, providing many textile advertising articles and on the products and services are presented striking. For more comprehensive information and contact details such as Web sites, phone numbers and E-Mail addresses, enough space exists on garments and bags. For those who like more discreet, can one of the different textile accessories fall back on, to his promotional de luxe to realize”, explains Thomas Kaiser, or is still slightly more practical decide for Zollstock advertising.” Anders as the ruler-advertising can be printed textile advertising articles in very different ways about using Flex or flock print, screen printing, dye sublimation printing or textile printing (DTG). The different types of pressure each distinct possibilities for the implementation of the advertising motif and results as well differentiated Visual and tactile. In addition to the textile qualities, it is in particular the printing process, which are crucial for the creation of a promotional de luxe for the value.

How textile advertising articles can impress even rule advertising, if the execution quality and is made of the rule, for example, from fiberglass or aluminum. The diversity is greater today than in the past”, continues Thomas Kaiser. A mini ruler as a key chain, for example, is an interesting alternative for the ruler advertising. Our highlight is “but clearly the quality craftsman solution ‘ truly rule, block and other useful items a promotional de luxe.” About promotional items – wholesale Kaisers24.com Kaisers24.com de luxe, specializes as a promotional article wholesale promotional textile promotional products and advertising rule. In addition, the range offers many more promotional products throughout all price segments. These range from branded goods to various scattered articles and include equally popular trend articles, advertising classic, as well as unusual, practical or particularly favourable solutions for example advertising matches, advertising balls, and printed sticky notes. Print umbrellas or USB sticks, is possible as well as the realization of an original Keychain advertising at Kaisers24.com. Press contact: Kaisers24.com Thomas Kaiser Paul Fadera str. 7 03222 Lubbenau Tel.