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Angel RT Training

The Ferrari in the staff development an outdoor training takes place outside the usual environment of most workers in the natural and ipso creates openness and tense curiosity for what will follow the participants. According to Andrew Cuomo, who has experience with these questions. This is good base for learning new. With all senses other […]

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University Scholarship

2B AHEAD ThinkTank encourages training to Rulebreakern Leipzig, June 6, 2011. The 2B AHEAD ThinkTank has written out a scholarship for management studies at the prestigious Charles University. Motivation for this was the lack of innovative young according to think tank head Sven Gabor Janszky. We need real innovators, which exceed the limits of their […]

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Economic Affairs Baden

For his achievements in the first year of training, the 30-year old Christopher received home, an apprentice at the Dr. WALSER dental company in Radolfzell, the trainee at all test subjects achieved a price for very good performance In the 1 of the education profession merchant Office Communications certificate the dream score one, except in […]

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Women & Work 2013 Under The Banner Of

Nearly 100 top employers to inform female career paths patron Ursula Leyen says: “the women & work the right for women to seek exchanges with the company opportunity.” Focus on “future management” round 70 consultants, coaches, networks and associations are available as experts available registration for four-eyes talks and seat reservations for the Congress are […]

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Business Academy

The specialist to the instructor on the shortest route – intensive workshop for the first time from 31 August 2013 at the ebam Academy in Berlin for the first time offers the ebam Academy in Berlin the opportunity for professional hosts compact and intense on the trainer aptitude examination to prepare. The first workshop starts […]

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Women In Online Business

What he can, we women can have long women in online business what he can, we women can have long women still in everyday work at a disadvantage, even though they often have better education and more pronounced social skills than their male counterparts. Women who start cool startups or guide, are rare. Even if […]

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Germany GmbH Marcus Reiner

Now the smart Jobber is used: the job suits his individual profile, he gets a notification by email and via a special app on his Smartphone. With a click, he accepts the order, the two parties are connected to each other and can discuss directly and without further details. A big difference to other providers […]

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Dr. Michael Breyer Is HR New Media GmbH

As new Managing Director (CEO) Dr Michael Breyer takes over June 1, 2013 the sole Director of HR new media GmbH. Berlin, the 13.06.2013 as new Managing Director (CEO) assumes Dr. Michael Breyer to 1st June 2013 the sole Director of HR new media GmbH. It replaces Breyer Florian Behn, who had 2008 […]

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Learn Smalltalk

International experience bring advantages. Engineers, software developers and computer specialists have good future prospects. There are many ways to learn a foreign language. Provider of language courses, which maintain their own schools in various countries, are competent contact persons. English language skills are required, and more than just basic knowledge. Also the basics of English […]

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Learn From Jogi Low!

A coach faces similar challenges as the head of a large company leadership in sports and business. Both are executives who need to motivate your team to bring it to the best services, and this often also more precisely to specific dates. This is often competition in the team and strong competition from outside. There […]

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