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Marketing with videos in line is one of the most popular and outstanding methods used by " marketers" at present. And YouTube, the site with greater amount of videos and visitors anywhere in the world, is doubtless the best site to place videos. In this article we pointed 5 basic advice to increase the traffic to your Web site through YouTube. 01. It uses the key words of your Web site in the video You can have and raise YouTube videos with content of great quality, but the visitors do not find your video don’t mention it will serve all the benefits that you offer. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

In order to increase the possibilities that your video is often seen, you must include the key words that the users use to look for the product or service of your niche. Where? In the beginning of the title and the description of the video. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeff Gennette. While to more it sees it people, majors will be the possibilities of obtaining click in the connection to your Web site. You do not fall in the temptation to put labels that they do not have to do with the content of video. If in your analysis of key words you find a phrase of high traffic but that it does not agree with the content, ignrala. It is very probable that YouTube eliminates east video e. even, it closes your account. 02.

It increases the visits to your channel The increase of your popularity is another form to increase the traffic through YouTube. If your channel is new or not it is it but it has very few subscribed people you will not obtain that the content reproduces quickly between many spectators. The increase of visitors to a channel increases the rank of classification in the ranking of YouTube. If you have something of money to invest in line in your business, considers the possibility of buying a service that secures to visits and commentaries in your channel.

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As he came announcing CONAE, the small industralist is the one that is paying really the crisis and is essential the social dialogue to approach as serious problems as the one of the financing to the SMEs. CONAE is not in agreement with the Executive, who proposes that an independent one hopes up to 24 months to be able to perceive unemployment. The time double that an employee, emphasizes the President of CONAE, Salvador Garci’a Torrico. In addition, it adds that nor so if wants all these workers will be able to benefit from the collection of the 420 Euros for those who exhaust the subsidy. Western Union may find this interesting as well. In case this outside little independent one would have to put itself in agreement with the loan with that it has contracted the cover by industrial accidents to perceive the benefit by involuntary cease. In case this it does not leave to its favor will not have left more remedy than to go to the social jurisdiction. From CONAE we considered that it would be necessary that the benefit by cease of activity for the independent ones has a voluntary and nonobligatory character, indicates Garci’a Torrico. As it were said in the televised debate, at the moment the authentic demand of the independent industralist, is not that the social costs raise to him which it must face up, but lower it. Spain will leave the crisis, before or later it depends to a great extent on the effort of the social agents to obtain that the Government realises an economic policy in agreement with the reality who live all the citizens, between that are the independent ones, that constitutes 97% of the enterprise weave of the country. Who is CONAE the National Confederation of Independent and Micro-enterprises, constituted on April of 1988, independently are based like an organization without spirit of profit for the defense and support of the workers and the micro-enterprises of all the national territory.