Life, this path that sometimes is so difficult and so beautiful sometimes is so unknown in its essence, many questions are created in our minds; do we do here?, where we come from?, for that we have to love?, do that have to suffer, hate, laugh, cry, etc.?, by that life is sometimes so difficult?, all emerging from our minds based on our circumstances, education, culture, and even geographic location. There will be human beings who live in a State of tranquility and indifference to the events of his own life, good for them! And I say this in all seriousness now that with so many concerns that life itself has one or two concerns less is fabulous, habemos people things that they happen to us, or that we seek us things happen, whether good or bad doesn’t matter, the important thing is to go regardless of consequences on many occasions, say this with reason a reason that now narro as well: The room cold and the high-pitched sound of the medical devices I woke up opened my eyes and as already was becoming customary first thing and the only thing that could look was the ceiling of the room of intensive therapy where I was, already by 2 months, the strange sensation of stretching that came in my head which was held by 2 screws embedded in my skull pulled backwards through a pulley, cords and weightsThis, in order to pull my column and release the pressure of the cervical vertebrae, the headache had decreased, there was no pain, I had no sensitivity in my body, movement did not exist and my only companion was the sound of appliances of survival that are connected to different parts of my body always in a chit constant repetitionmy mind reviewing the tragic moments of the accident, always recurring reflection of repentance, knowing I did bad, maybe if I had gotten into the House instead of having me fanned that last nailed, that maybe if it would not have taken much, if perhaps and maybe and as always the maybe thousands, which I calaban the consciousness, which was trapped in a dead-end, no replies, a tear came out of my eye, I slip smoothly and slowly down my cheek, the route of that tear open burning sensation in my throat, product of immense sadness that existed in my heart, the dumb sob was a sword that crossed my forehead from merciless my brain to the Fundby removing the instants of the tragic event, causing a hole in my chest, which was beginning to feel the emptiness of my lungs; one or two puffs of air were sufficient to lead to more tears, that as knives used to cut my skin, the sound of appliances were lost in a heap of contradictory sensations that varied between pain, repentance, doubt, confusion and the immense loneliness that I hugged, suddenly in an attempt to pull air found resistance from my throatsomething it had stuck, my instinct told me that I had to try to pull more air, the sadness became despair tears left sprout I opened my eyes as asking to enter air of somehow in my, I felt an immense despair by not being able to breathe and one after another, with my mouth open trying to pull some air, very little went in me, fear I leave back to despair a dizziness that was accelerating rapidly invaded my head without being able to move me, all feelings of impotence were accumulated in the upper part of my bodymy throat was closed, my nostrils were trying to open up more, nothing worked, sound which smashed my ears toward a few minutes was lost in intense heat that came over my face and that clouded my view, already not had more to do there with whom fight the struggle was useless, because there was no fear, this had become uncertainty, stop breath waiting for something to happen and my wait was, silence; a beautiful silence accompanied by an infinite peace apagaban fear, despair, anguish, uncertainty, didn’t need anything, the feeling was magic, my body which until a few seconds ago was trapped, now he was free, it was floating in the air, in that same air that refused to enter into my lungs, now was my ally, my transportation, without realizing me I was surrounded by people, themselves, not seen but knew that they were there, I didn’t need to see them, feel them with knew who were, he knew, the ceiling of the fourth’s intensive therapy was now on my back looking down and I found myself lying on the bedonly a white sheet I covered up the chest, my face with the mouth and eyes open let see desperation and fear that came over me until a few seconds before, I didn’t feel anything to me, all the sensations that I tormented before had become quiet, calm, at peace, repetitive sound and lacerate you survival equipment had become a single, continuous whistlingsuddenly I saw that hastily entered several doctors and nurses, spoke all at the same time, worried and some altered moving arms, some nurses entered and hastily leaving the room at a time a nurse entered with a cart on which was a box connected to various hoses, the doctor who noticed that he wore the remote volume one of the tubes and inserting in my mouth, which was totally open and sustained by other doctors there present who was trying to open it further, I scream pin!. 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