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The Right Eye

Well, let's choose angry all that many good gifts, who will fly home with us. First of all, a great many different souvenirs in the shape of pyramids, sphinxes, kings and gods. The sign of the chief god Amun Ra (Sun God) – Eye of Ra (The Right Eye of Horus), depicted as a man […]

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Designer Hostels

Barcelona, for many, is synonymous with Gaudi and Catalan modernism. The city has become the Centre for design and creativity. Now, even hostels with access on this trend. Barcelona, for many, is synonymous with Gaudi and Catalan modernism. In addition, the city has become a Centre for design and creativity. Now hostels take up increasingly […]

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50 Euro Voucher For Common Action Of And

On time at the beginning of the holidays start the consumer service and the holiday Portal is a cooperation and give 50 to your customers. Under the motto: Compare prices and 50 dust “, begins the action on May 1st, 2009 and is open to all consumers who log on free collective alarm […]

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Qatar Airways Working Together

Individualized competition with high-quality prices, Qatar Airways world traveller, supports online using a fly your own way “-Facebook app to determine their travel types, and to share with their friends.” This app was developed in cooperation with Expedia media solutions, as part of the Expedia group of advertisers helps put their products and services target […]

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Business Travel In Russian

Business tourism, or business-Travel – a very interesting phenomenon. Before we went on a business trip, now – in business travel. However, these concepts do not always synonymous. But even when a business trip means that the same should be borne in mind that with a name change and changed the approach to the phenomenon […]

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Thailand Country Woods

Thailand is a country of forests, shrub-studded grasslands, marshes and wetlands dotted with lotuses and water lilies. Since the mid-20th century, the total area covered by forests has declined from more than half to less than one-third. Forest Clearing for agriculture (including plantations), excessive logging, and poor management are the main causes of this decline. […]

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