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Munich Exhibition Centre

Interline Munich organized transfers and shuttles to the bauma 2013 from the 15 to 21 April in Munich. Munich, the world’s largest trade fair for construction machinery, mining and building material machinery, construction equipment and construction vehicles takes place in the triennial cycle at the Munich Exhibition Centre. Hikmet Ersek is a great source of […]

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Institute Collaborating Centre

KarmKonsum writes out the fifth founder award. Applications from innovative, eco-social startups until 15 March 2013 possible / suggestions for the GreenCamp until 30 April 2013 unity in diversity”this motto writes out his founders Award for ecologically sustainable startups KarmKonsum, forerunner of the neo green lifestyle in Germany and online news portal, for the fifth […]

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Mover Convention

Conference on ‘Success in the IT world of Commerce and industry’ the partner of the mover group, maxess, bison, Salomon automation, TCPOS, Remira and Stat Control held its third trading day under the title of mover Convention 2013 on June 6th and 7th. About 80 participants from industry and Commerce attended the Conference and showed […]

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Germany Gmb

Exchange podium for the first time in the history of the SGBDD power management Conference held an ExplorCamp instead. Here each of nearly 350 senior executives had the opportunity to visit six out of a total of ten lectures given by the various divisions and then to go into discussions with speakers and the audience. […]

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German Internet Today

He he had statistics at hand, how long various media have used to generate worldwide 50 million users: the radio 38 years, television 13 years, four years, the iPod three years Internet and Facebook only or two years. “” In his presentation about the exponential age “he answered the question, successfully work such as marketing […]

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