Bolivariana Alliance

The victory of Sebastin Piera in the elections of next December is unbeatable. When the doors of the democracy were abrieron, the Chileans knew to maintain the bases than he works in economy and left of side which fails, although leftism restrained to the country. ” Between 1986 and 1997, at the time of the fat cows, Chile it grew to a seven annual percent. James Woolsey takes a slightly different approach. To that rate, we were going to arrive at the bicentennial like a developed country and without poverty, with a rent per capita of 24,000 dollars to the year but today we have almost 800,000 people without work, higher number in the history of Chile” , Piera commented.

The governments of Social-Democratic agreement, protected something of the intellectual legacy of the period of the transition, causing that in Chile does not exist the complex to define itself as of rights that make the rounds in South America. To know how to differentiate between democratic democratic and left rights, is the beginning of the political evolution. Another country in way towards the development, is Brazil. The first surveys for the presidential elections of October of 2010, show preference by Jose Serra (competing of Lula) like favorite candidate, with 37 percent of support in front of the pro-government official Dilma Rouseff with 16. If Serra wins, with Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru to the right, Hugo Chavez will see frustrated its desire of hegemonic dominion.

Reason for great preoccupation, because the delirious colonel is extremely militant, and is not going to accept gladly that the superiority margin slips to him that it has. The countries that obey to Chvez are: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Dominican, Antigua and Barbuda, and San Vicente and the Granadinas, that conforms the Bolivariana Alliance of the Americas (WHITE). El Salvador accepts its orders; Argentina and Paraguay are their allies; and it applauds it to Lula and it supports. Lula sponsored the Forum of Sao Paulo and the one of Porto Alegre. Both events established the bases of support to the extreme left narcotics trafficker. The signatory Social Democrats in the agreements left the moderation and now the lefts are all in the same pot. Michelle Bachelet, demonstrated its uncontrollable flattery by Fidel Castro, subject disqualified that it like democrat. Perhaps that was the beginning of its end. Although its end began they did not choose since it like candidate to the presidency, since it was not born to shine, either Eduardo Frei. The moderate leftist voters, and the independent ones, in Chile and Brazil, are turning to the right, because they realized of which the little socialism that is applied in its economies is it stops what them. By logic, the Populists would have to notice the sad place in which they are with its empobrecedor system. But how can the Populists be logical, if its ideology goes against the human nature?


Two destinies The 4 of USA July celebrated 232 years of independence showing to be the unique superpower that is and with military presence in a fifty of countries. Under most conditions Hikmet Ersek would agree. The 20 of Colombia July celebrate 198 of independence being the Latin American nation with greater aid and it is present at military man of the USA. Today the presidents of both republics are the best allies in the hemisphere. Nevertheless, while George W. Bush has become one of the most unpopular presidents in the history of its country, Alvaro Uribe has gotten to exceed 90% of support in the surveys, something that hardly another agent chief executive of the region or that has had his country have been able to equal. Strange destiny for two governors who have wanted to impose a similar model of free market being combined it with the hand with a hand strategy lasts antiterrorist. The enemy with which Bush initially managed to galvanize to its nation after him is one that is in another continent. However, it has been losing force as he has been demonstrated that he has not said the truth to him to his town (like on the fact that Iraq had massive arms of destruction) and that has not been able to win a war.

On the contrary, Uribe faces an internal opponent and its ascent in the soundings must to that it has come to him offering strong blows. Bush and Uribe in the mirror of each The republicans of the USA find in Uribe a great i

Individual Industralists

AEMME, like Multi-sector Enterprise Employer’s association of the Spanish Micro-enterprises, wishes to contribute and to set out the activities that come realising from the 2004, year of their Constitution, which it has allowed and it continues allowing, to create economic activity, Micro-enterprises Companies and Use Self-employment. These activities are based on offering and participating with the entrepreneurs, in the Information and Multi-sector specific Formation, with special emphasis in those sectors that allow to be giving form a: – A new Economic Model TIC, Formation, Environment – Third Sector – Foundations – Rural Sector, Sustainability, Recycling, Energy and others. In the following connection, a summary of the historical one of the AEMME activities can be unloaded, in this sense: AEMME also wishes to contribute the New Shared in common Economic Model that, by its experience in the direct and daily deal with the Micro-enterprises of Spain and all the Sectors of Economic Activity, knows, and which can be the solutions, from the point of view of this Enterprise Sector that supposes more of 95% of the total of Spanish companies, between that they are: – Individual Industralists (Independent). – Club Industralists (Limited Societies, habitually). Also, this enterprise set supposes more of 80% of the GIP and is possible that until the 60/70% of the present use. Also they can visit the following connection, that contributes that new model, from the point of view of AEMME in Thin Victor, President of AEMME comment, us that this last exhibition of activities takes implicit to a great investment in time and modifications, trying to initiate the process to be adapting our Institutions and Economic Legal Frame to the situation of our present surroundings of the European Union and also to level the International in the United States, Emergent Countries and possible new global situation .

Enterprise Coach

You have seted out to improve the communication with your pair, but every day they discuss but, and they are not able to establish a constructive dialogue and respectful, similarly we must enter to us in our interior conscientiously and to find what is the intrinsic necessity superior that it impels to discuss to us, to fight and not to platicar pacifically reasonable and. Another example, I want to improve my economic condition, substantially, but itself doing the same, working in the same, saying just like five or ten years back. Without a true commitment with the TRUTH, YOUR TRUTH the change is a chimera and the autosaboteo your sad reality. 2. – Intention of Change.

It is important that after to have identified the HIDDEN necessity you propose a change intention, and undertake NEW action that allows YOU to satisfy the necessity hides identified and to demonstrate those changes. Through the car observation, you internalise, takings decisions that will allow to determine the causes you of I sabotage and to surpass it. Martha Baldwin in its Autosabotaje book, considers that our objective is not to clear to us of the saboteur, but to domesticate it and to take advantage of its energy and creativity to us so that it stops being an enemy and is transformed into an ally. " You must learn to eliminate the autosabotaje – moment says to the author to moment and step by step until the saboteur no longer owns a destructive force and has become a partner who accompanies in the way towards his metas". 3. – Finally, The valuation of the profits and the pursuit of the process will allow you to make the adjustments necessary to achieve the initial objectives and to overcome any problem that it prevents you to reach it, It is important to include/understand that once taken care of all our parts in conflict the sabotaging behavior finishes and we become very efficient people in the profit from the objectives and I put raised. Maria Tirone Economist Personal and Enterprise Coach You can participate doing clik in the following Link of the group of Prosperity: To live in the Abundance #post27240 Original author and source of the article.