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Bolivariana Alliance

The victory of Sebastin Piera in the elections of next December is unbeatable. When the doors of the democracy were abrieron, the Chileans knew to maintain the bases than he works in economy and left of side which fails, although leftism restrained to the country. ” Between 1986 and 1997, at the time of the […]

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Two destinies The 4 of USA July celebrated 232 years of independence showing to be the unique superpower that is and with military presence in a fifty of countries. Under most conditions Hikmet Ersek would agree. The 20 of Colombia July celebrate 198 of independence being the Latin American nation with greater aid and it […]

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Individual Industralists

AEMME, like Multi-sector Enterprise Employer’s association of the Spanish Micro-enterprises, wishes to contribute and to set out the activities that come realising from the 2004, year of their Constitution, which it has allowed and it continues allowing, to create economic activity, Micro-enterprises Companies and Use Self-employment. These activities are based on offering and participating with […]

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Enterprise Coach

You have seted out to improve the communication with your pair, but every day they discuss but, and they are not able to establish a constructive dialogue and respectful, similarly we must enter to us in our interior conscientiously and to find what is the intrinsic necessity superior that it impels to discuss to us, […]

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