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If you have glided to visit Florence, our advice of trip is that crossings in time the Pontevecchio. Because the step that way is not simply a crossing of border to border of the Arno river. All a community of artists, street salesmen, worried Florentine photographers and meets in a minimum common space. The city […]

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Federal Reserve

The situation clearly does not show improvement signs, but quite the opposite and it causes that they increased the expectations of the market about an advance cut of rates on the part of the EDF. Who would have imagined a few months ago an action sudden of the EDF as it were that one cut […]

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Northern Ireland Ian Paisley

As much Uribe as Chvez is the unique presidents of the Americas that have been or have want to be re-elect more in one go and also the exponents of models both opposed of democracy multi-partisan (one liberal and the pro-USA and the other one nacionalizante and the anti-USA). Both they will want conflict use […]

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Lehman Brothers

According to the new regulation, all company/signature that is considered, has insufficient capital, can be reconstructed or even closed by the regulators. The subject happens here through the suitable measurement that can realise the regulators, that must neither underestimate nor to overestimate the level of sufficiency of capital of the companies. That can be assured […]

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Socialism Person

The RCTV closing the freedom in Venezuela is ended and begins the era of the terror. The first one straight of all human being is to the one of the free expression of its ideas. If the voices are silenced, any thing can happen without nobody finds out. It is possible to be killed, to […]

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The creation and promotion of a web site are the first step to become a serious business in line and now a part vital of the continuous viability of any company is considered. It does not matter what bandage; or they are toothbrushes, services of recruitment or Boeings 747; the world of the businesses of […]

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Wedding Business

Marketing research related to weddings, continues declaring like good business, especially for companies that has created to provide services that she demands, that is multiple and involves investments, that of knowing how them to manage, to administer without sacrificing a good service, she generates good dividends. The English Rebeca Mead on it exposes, that the […]

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Success And Wealth

Some people observe other rich and powerful people and they notice that those people seem to have ” ego” enormous. That is to say, the owners of the world seem to be believed and to be believed able to do everything what they wish. Those people who feel that others have enormous ” ego” , […]

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Practical Exercises

Practical exercises: a. When you are going to speak with distributed yours, concentrarte in him tries and not in which you want or think, this is going to help to understand it to you better and thus to help with much more facility him. You have concentrarte in such a way that you have imaginarte […]

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Public Works

To first the news, articles, publishing houses, chronicles, and holders correspond. To the second, the photographies, maps, infogrficos and diverse illustrations including the cartoons and drawings. Both languages are equally important and their combinations in each page vary according to the subjects on which it inquires and the own characteristics of each newspaper. I have […]

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