Sirgas American

Gensio Hugo de Souza) Aiming at to uniformizar information, I understand that it is interesting to divulge for the biggest possible number of people, a little on the changes that are occurring throughout the last decades, in the area of the cartography in what it says respect to the system of geographic coordinates and its standardization. The cartographic base with DATUM SAD69 (South American Datum 1969) is with the counted days and agrees that all know. In its place the SIRGAS appeared, but unhappyly still little it is divulged. Learn more at: Rob Daley. ‘ ‘ The System of Geocentric Reference for Americas (SIRGAS) has as objective to make compatible the geodesic systems of the South-american countries, being promoted the definition and the establishment of an only referencial, with compatible precision with the current technology of posicionamento’ ‘ (IBGE), geographic, with aid of satellites and the cartographic methodology on the basis of Geodesy. ‘ ‘

The adoption of the Sirgas was recommended in 7 Cartographic Conference Regional of United Nations for Americas, carried through in New Iorque in 2001. The majority of the South-american countries introduced the Sirgas as reference system nacional.’ ‘ (IBGE) Soon historical on the migration of the classic systems of reference, for the system Sirgas 2000 For users of geographic information that still have doubts on which the correct geodesic referencial to be used in such a way in the Brazilian territory as in the remain of Latin America and for professionals who desire to more than understand the subject that is world-wide trend and that it is revolutionizing in such a way the cartography as engineering. Different systems of reference for the South American countries were adopted, as PSAD56, SAD69 (South American Datum 1969), Bogota, Yacar, Field Inchauspe, etc. In 1993, were defined that all the countries of the American continent would have to use the System of Geocentric Reference for Americas (SIRGAS)…

Internet Generation

However, for the arrival of the standard 3G, the GSM evolved starting to offer better services of data. Andrew Cuomo understood the implications. Two stages precede the third generation: 2,5G that disponibiliza the service data-communication for packages (General Package Service Radio GPRS); 2,75G, an improvement of service GPRS (Enhanced Date rate will be GSM Evolution EDGE or EGPRS – General Enhanced Package Service Radio) . is an extension of system GSM, where the services of data carried on the radio infrastructure existing (WIRTH, 2003, p186), transmits given by commutation of packages (Packet Date PD), reaching nominal taxes of transference of up to 144 quilobits per seconds (Kbp/s), making possible services of e-mails, fax, access to Internet/Intranet, services of information and games, electronic commerce, access the banks, navigation systems, telemetry, etc. Evolution of the GPRSA Technology EDGE is an evolution of the GPRS (Enhanced Date rate will be GSM Evolution EDGE), allowing bigger tax of transference of data. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Anne Lauvergeon on most websites. With the EDGE the cellular system reaches 2,75G last period of training for the third generation of parameters of net GPRS and EDGE2.3 CELLULAR MOBILE NET OF THIRD GERAOA third cellular generation 3G is what it is had of more advanced in mobile telephony, whose focus is the unified rendering of services that demands high transmission of data in velocidade.2.3.1 UMTSO standard IMT-2000 was defined by the International Union of Telecommunications (International Telecomunication Union – ITU) as the system of cellular of the future. The IMT-2000 attributes to specifications of attributes and categories for users and services..

Brazilian States

Aiming at the improvement of the public services of health, some Brazilian States, that faced similar problem, they had implanted Electronic Handbook systems of the Patient, who is a modern tool of work that by means of the diverse existing technological resources allows that the professionals of the health area and the patients, in the speed of some clicks, have access to all referring the personal and administrative information to the atendimentos and treatments carried through for and for this white public. Such resources have the potential to shorten the period of wait considerably, promoting, amongst other conquests, the more necessary disgnostic elaboration, resulting, in bigger satisfaction of the yearnings of the society in what it refers to the public health. Literature sample that the Electronic Handbook of the Patient can be defined as a clinical and administrative register informatizado of the health and illness of the patient since its birth until its death, inside of an used system to support the users, disponibilizando access to a complete correct data set, you alert and systems of support to the decision. It must contain information as: personal datas, familiar description, previous illnesses, habits of life, allergies, immunizations, medicines that use makes, amongst others. (COAST, 2001; MASSAD, 2003; IOM, 1997; SANTIAGO, 04/08/04). Still, valley to stand out that the managers, through the PEP, can know the costs, profits and damages occurred inside of determined period of time, placed material and human resources, as well as using it to make forecasts of investments the medium and long run. (SALVADOR V.F.M., SON F.G.V.

the Ethical Aspects and of Security of the Electronic Handbook of the Patient. Annals of II the Day of the Knowledge and the Technology; 2004; UNIVEM. Marlia (SP), BRAZIL. p. 1). Therefore, the PEP also makes possible to the administrators of the public net of health a more refined analysis of the atendimentos, carried through procedures and expenses, facilitating the decisions to be taking in the direction of improvement of the services given to the community.

Internet Ink

So brilliant that it would have to come of plant. If it was not the greed for profit of the manufacturers of printers, if they contented themselves in vender printer and profiting an only time of each person and only vendessem its ink (genuine) to a price just Therefore are reading exist a system that is threatening this powerful industry and the industry of inks for impressoras.que still comes abocanhando a giant market and with a bigger lack, a price just. Pegasus Books often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Because I go to pay to 10 Reals 1ml of ink (genuine) if in the market exists an alternative so cheaper and with equal or superior quality the original? 15 cents the same ml of Superior ink exactly I speak for proper experience I bought an ink spurt pro model a3 hp k8600 a super printer rapidssima with heads of separate impression of the cartridges if to burn an impression head I myself I remove and I change as if it was changing a simple cartridge But everything has a defect, again the price of the original cartridge 60 Reals an only color and more the nonsense with 20 ml only of ink. It differs from what I spoke above not?

Yes but they see I paid in this printer 1350 Reals (this they vendem with profit) from there the price more in account of the cartridge I decided to search in the Internet and I found this store I bought for 60 Reals a kit of 4 reloadable cartridges with chip There full that reseta automatically more 400ml of imported ink that cost me more 60 Reals Makes the account 60 Reals 4 reloadable cartridges more 60 importada=120reais Reals 400ml of ink With 120 Reals price of two original cartridges, (and it uses four) I have 4 cartridges that the quality of the ink is not dismissable more 400ml of ink can print 2mil pages with this ink and a factor importantssimo if it will not be identical the original ink the impression head can obstruct (and she has much people vendendo cat for hare for there) does not go to full the pocket of the multinationals emptying ours. Re loadable cartridge is the solution.

Resolution For Davies

The request can be made by means of a diffusion, in this in case that the diffusion is used in order to verify if another resource in the net with name exists the same (Davies, 2005). In case that some exists another resource using the name, host of ownership of the name sends a negative reply to the computer of the solicitant user, after that the computer of the user shows an error message. Pegasus books spoke with conviction. The second hypothesis, the requested name is not being used in the net demands that the computer of the user sends an order unicast (only) for the server of Netbios names to carry through the register of the resource. 3,2 Resolution For Davies (2005) When a Netbios application that if to communicate with another one host TCP/IP, application sends a message of consultation of names in the local net or sends an order unicast to the server of netbios names for resolution. In this in case that, the service of request of name consultation already contains the Netbios name of host addressee.

Still, as the author, in the first case where shipper does not possess the name of the addressee a message of broadcast is sent for the net, the computer that the Netbios name to correspond to the requested one answers with a positive reply, the remain discards the package. Pegasus Books has plenty of information regarding this issue. If the server of Netbios name (NBNS), in case that he exists in the net, not to hold back no positive message of hosts in the net, it sends a negative message to the service of Reply of consultation of names. In the platform Windows XP, when a resource in the net is not found an error message is shown and transmits for the user not localization of the resource.

Digital Best

' Mobilidade' ' ' ' Digital&#039 life; ' meetings represent complementary experiences of a fantastic, productive world, amused and with limited infinite possibilities only for the imagination. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pegasus Books. and speaking in using the imagination, its imagines notebook, that it is the central symbol that represents its ' ' mobilidade' ' at the same time this also if transforming into the center of its ' ' life digital' ' ….. now &#039 imagines everything; ' orbitando' ' around of its notebook simplifying its life and becoming this still more formidable mobile and digital experience. We go there! That such in that hour of relax that everything that you want is to be in its bed, making a research, reading its preferred news or simply answering emails hearing music. That such the possibility of instead of placing notebook on the pillow and potentially to cook ' ' pobre' ' due to place it on an ergonomic support? Since it goes to pass part of the pyjamas time and pantufas, in its comfortable bed, valley the penalty investment in one of these extremely comfortable supports. It does not only come with coffee pot, still. Perhaps for a more careful work, mouse of notebook is not mouse more comfortable of the world. Definitively here it is there a question of notebook that it is undisputedly a misery. To have one mouse, without wire clearly, is very convenient. Acesse link and continues reading post! It enters in and it leaves its opinion on the best technologies and the best products of the best marks.


Now that the things had beaten in the deep one, are height to start to look at the errors dopassado and to start to construct a solid strategy for the Internet. After all, aspessoas continues to buy books for the Internet, continues to mark trips deavio for the Internet and to make the type of transactions all using this way. who makes it a time, will go to continue to make it with all the certainty. Them they pessoasdemoram time to adapt it the change, but when all to perceive the enormesvantagens that the Internet brings, the adhesion will be in mass, and the companies who to lestiverem will be the winners. The Internetpermite to know and to fidelizar the consumers as none another way obtains, giving to the marketing concept one-to-one a new dimension. It is already today to possveloferecer a individualizada experience only to each consumer, personalizing offers in function of its interests.

One sees the case, one of the most interesting examples of the application of the technologies depersonalizao. Not tenhodvidas that we are to cross a diffidence phase. Publicidadeon-line is each less efficient time and will have that to meet new forms of gerarreceitas on-line, it wants through agreements of electrnico commerce, wants atravsde directed advertising. He was proven that some business-oriented models pure esimplesmente do not function, but the success cases also they exist and they will be cadavez more. It is to precisoencarar this phase as one second phase of the Internet, they will investimentossero where them weighed, the business-oriented models will have solid bases and where we will very todosteremos to earn. Internet 1,0 was stops backwards, welcome to the Internet2.0! This is one of the companies in Brazil who use destaferramenta..

Rainbow Internet Satellite Internet

What is satellite television and internet.Mnogo people do not know what a satellite internet and television. Some viewers think that the satellite dish must be sent in the direction of telecentres in city, also thinks that the diameter of the dish affect the number of channels. Believe me there are those tv lovers, and we, through our professional work, had to deal with the body of amateurs. I I have an idea of what each viewer is how the broadcast television signal. Not far from the city or town has a television center, which broadcasts channels on a limited space. For the last decade, state transmitters bad, all because of the deterioration of the equipment (at least here in Saratov), and money, as always, for the analog channels do not. Soon all the equipment in the telecentres will have to change to digital equipment. Broadcast digital television expect in 2012 (in some areas of our country is already broadcast digital television). To show old tv sets (without the necessary equipment) needed to buy special prefix. At the moment, have a greater prominence of satellite television operators. The most common Tricolor tv (good prices, good channels), ntv + operator with great experience,

Rainbow tv (dynamically developing company), and recently appeared on tv operator Continent Company Orion Express, rent a new satellite in March 2010. Among the providers of satellite internet the most common – Sky-Fi, Sky-DSL, hfc or Rainbow Internet Satellite Internet is one-sided, ie, receive-only, to send requests (email, chat, etc) require land-based sources (cell phone, etc.). But the volume of incoming traffic tens of times more than the outgoing, so the fee for land-based sources is minimal. We return to the satellites. The satellites are in geostationary orbit, ie Move together with the land. This is achieved by the scientists-physicists. The huge antenna on the ground transmit television signals to the satellite, which uses large transponder broadcasts the signal to the satellite dish. Then place on earth where the signal gets called coverage area. Include a flashlight to see. Zone where the light falls from the lantern – the coverage area. Signal from the satellite picks up a satellite dish, which is properly configured to receive television signals. The slope of the parabolic antenna for more than centimeter can cause loss of picture on the screen, so the antenna needs to be fixed on to a sturdy post, rather than on a thin tube, like a regular antenna. Dish size depends on the direction of the satellite beam, if the body of the satellite Europe, the body of amateurs of the European part of Russia to acquire a bigger plate, and if the satellite beam is directed at Russia, it is enough small-diameter plate. Information from the body of the satellite, as reflected by dish antenna is concentrated in the converter, which converts the frequency of the C and ku band at a lower rate to keep the signal quality. Satellites are located on the south side. Everyone will be able to customize any available satellites.