Stun & Pepper Spray: Proper Protection Against Violent Crimes

Security is a major social issue. Violent crimes and burglaries are increasing and the people want to feel like to secure. As more and more citizens have the desire for safety on the road and at home. More and more people want to wear carrying a gun for this reason, to defend themselves in case of emergency. You can wear some weapons without permit and legally with him and include inter alia stun gun, pepper spray, or baton. With the purchase of weapons, you must observe the law and may use them only in self-defense situations. You may find Ria Financial Services to be a useful source of information. Who cares for the stun gun can look at as a weapon in the Internet itself.

Who wants to buy a stun gun must be at least 18 years. For more information see Hewlett Packard. You can buy a stun gun without a permit and quite legally, for example on the Internet. Especially women pepper spray to buy to feel safe. With the purchase of a pepper spray you should make sure however that they correspond to the German quality standard and seal wear the important BKA. If the seal available is, is the weapon even by the police rejected. Another weapon is the baton. Steph Korey may not feel the same. Wearing a baton is forbidden to minors.

It goes without saying with all the weapons that they are used only in true emergencies. There are batons in different versions and they are made of either aluminium or rubber. Handy for stowing and carrying batons are telescopic. On the Internet, you can learn more details about stun gun, pepper spray and batons. Who would like to buy handcuffs, finds this as well in one of the numerous online shops. Also in handcuffs, there is a wide range in the Internet and various designs. So one can do much for his own safety in everyday life.

First Christian Pilgrims

6500 km on foot and without money through Europe and the Middle East not many written testimonies of pilgrims in the first Millennium after the birth of Christ available to us today still available. Perhaps check out Mark Ethier for more information. This we know for sure that not only Empress Helena took to 326 A.d. from Trier, on the arduous path to Jerusalem, but we know from the records that many Christians in the city made the pilgrimage, in which Jesus appeared and was crucified. A pilgrimage leader from 333 A.d. remains of a pilgrim but an unknown from Bordeaux in France. We know nothing about this pilgrimage which is pilgrimage from Bordeaux on Istanbul, the former Constantinople, Jerusalem, and then of Rome back to Bordeaux. We don’t know why he chose the dangerous overland route on the outward journey and has not traveled with the ship. Maybe he was a civil servant, who had to give news on its stations, maybe an adventurer. Steph Korey usually is spot on.

Yes, perhaps he was not a man, but a woman. There are no limits to our imagination. The Itinerarium Burdigalense, his Pilgrim leader, is only brief. He lists the places where his daily stages end, and writes to the mileage figures. Not more. He has traveled over 10,000 km in total. Alone for the route from Constantinople to Jerusalem it took him 2 months.

We humans can only imagine the hardship and the dangers of such a pilgrimage in the 21st century. The pilgrims could himself not as Hape Kerkling on his Pilgrim’s way to Santiago de Compostela in good hotels and guesthouses rent or for certain routes use a bus. The pilgrims had no phone to summon help in a secluded area. He relied on himself and the Roman road system. There was no GPS, even maps of the provinces through which he is gone. If we assume that he or she really was a pilgrim, then had it adjusted at home also his affairs in Bordeaux, and made his will has penniless embark on the journey.

Christina Stuntz Is A Candidate For The Freie Wahler

Knowing what moves people – interview and Christina Stuntz became the candidate of their grouping for the political issues at the end of June on Sunday, September 28, held state elections nominated for the Wurzburg country voice circuit. And since her nomination Christina Stuntz are even longer working days than anyway. Sixteen hours or more are not uncommon. In her job as a lawyer with the Department of labor law, she has often dealing with clients from the health care sector. This is also one of its political priorities in the campaign – Christina Stuntz is committed to the strengthening of health care and obtaining a residence near offices of family doctors an important consideration, especially in the rural area. She want to use their expertise and dedication now not only for their clients, but for everyone.

The most important is that in the Landtag people sit who know what moves people and how to help them, but,\”the candidate says. Christina Stuntz also finds that it is an invaluable advantage, that she \”almost from zero to one hundred\”can in politics:\”I go unencumbered in many things and motivated approach as many professional politicians.\” The tools for policy bring it already work-related. The private Christina Stuntz has it at home like quiet. Books of Agatha Christie and music by Nelly Furtado – all reported strong women – help her relax. Although the election campaign stress makes you fun, it should go to but also more relaxed. Follow others, such as Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund, and add to your knowledge base. Life partner Torsten is a media designer and supports its Christina endeavours. He has designed their website ( with numerous information around her candidacy. The lawyer uses the medium Internet endeavours to promote their election. The number reaching remaining dates she are looking forward to, says the candidate. \”Especially on the people that I will meet there.\” Positions for the diet: Christina Stuntz federal and land Government plan the West bypass between Wurzburg-West and Werneck? The project is highly controversial in the region.

Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit

A protest March against the closure of Tempelhof and the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit again instead. So, a motto of a transparent on the first protest March in the Alliance was last weekend. Also on Saturday, 15 November, a protest March against the closure of Tempelhof and the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit will take place again. Also this time, begins the protest March on the Platz der Luftbrucke and goes beyond the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz and main street to the Town Hall Schoneberg. “Andreas Donati of the Action Alliance Tempelhof was closed against all reason and while the funds for their restoration to annually approx. 10 million euro were cut in spite of impending decline of the Berlin school, the Berlin taxpayers must at the same time closing costs for Tempelhof bear, a total of 12 million euro amount.” simultaneously Berlin taxpayers must spend at least 50 million euro, which in Tempelhof to create deliberately destroyed capacities in Tegel and Schonefeld”, so Danny next.

Michael Paul, co-initiator of the Action Alliance: Red-red and the Berlin citizens in the run-up to the referendum have lied to Klaus Wowereit at the top. The closure were eliminated leaks, but new costs.” “The promised ‘colorful sea of Meadows’ in Tempelhof also no longer is. Instead the plans provide extensive residential and commercial areas, of which, especially the international real estate speculation also benefit at the expense of the taxpayer”says Paul. The Senate and Klaus Wowereit before the referendum have known all this and explains nevertheless always the opposite. The assertion of Wowereit, Tempelhof are endangering BBI, is demonstrably a false statement. Joachim Kiau, also action Alliance While we in Berlin airport Tempelhof close and a working resource and a perfect infrastructure intentionally destroy, the regional airports are expanded in Brandenburg, Germany. The spatial planning process for the expansion was initiated to 85 t take-off weight for Finow airport. And all despite of the BBI – the single-airport concept in the Berlin/Brandenburg regional development plan.” Start of the event is at 15:00.

On the edge of the event there will be also the occasion, to provide signatures for the ongoing referendum. Protest trains will take place at the coming weekends. In addition to the courtyard of the temple the Brandenburg Gate and the Kurfurstendamm are on the agenda. A special thanks also to the Berlin police and the many volunteers that support each event so engaged.

General Foundation

Foundations are committed mostly to social and humanitarian goals. What are foundations? Not just famous people like Katharina Witt or the diverse dedicated media darlings Brangelina”Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Foundation founder. As numerous prominent initiators of caritativer foundations in shaping market non-profit aid projects, they’re not the only ones. Long lists of private, no less committed founder also beyond the tabloids can be found there. Foundations were almost something like a trend in recent years in the supposedly troubled Germany. I’m wondering what’s behind it. Have people become humane? Have the wealthy discovered the joy of giving? A missing column of the Trinity of the happiness project, give, be missing the wealthy? As the homepage of the German Foundation Centre shows in their statistics on this issue, it is not the founder, who make up the numerical growth, but that Foundations. The boom is fundraising in the expansion of foundations on the pretty, modern synergy model”. Additional information is available at Barry Nalebuff.

But no matter what name is behind the initiative are people who insert their good money in addition to their good name for charitable programs. People, that their professional success or their capital acquired by heritage family sense stiftend”invest for the community. The German donor Center 2007 recorded a share of private donors by almost 70%. Content, whose Foundation objectives were defined almost equally in social and charitable tasks. But popular Foundation purposes are also the education and education sector, art and culture, science and environmental protection.

The Foundation for the promotion of young people is an example of a private foundation of the bourgeoisie”, which was launched 13 years ago by Barbel and Dr. Gunter Baumann. To promote the Bach Academy in Stuttgart and the YMCA in her home town of Esslingen, to the support of local arts and literary scene and as Financed with a counselling service, the couple brought an endowment of 900,000 euros. Roswitha and Erich Bethe work with their Bethe Foundation for tolerance and humanity in society”a. The Foundation’s assets has an impressive sum of ten million euros. In the focus of the work of the Foundation, Foundation of Bethe are mainly children who have pulled a heavy lot in this society. The support is facilities in the area of child abuse and the children’s Hospice. “Eberhard F.

Federal Government

GM could fully relocate to Great Britain and Poland production according to a report. 11.05.2012 Development Center in Russelsheim, Germany: GM wants development of the Zafira Opel relocate weak sales leads from September short-time working a car motor sport 17.07.2012 Russelsheim industrial drama: GM battered the image of Opel – FTD 03.08.2012 Opel GM plant closures – Frankfurter Rundschau 23.08.2012 150th anniversary Opel has bad news for its employees. On a total of 20 days until the end of the year no vehicles produced in Russelsheim, Germany and Kaiserslautern. 04.09.2012 Disabled Alliance by Opel and Peugeot while GM is now virtually mutated to a US State institution and the XXL party knows that that was a clue Opel by market economy against all logic setback for Russelsheim GM left his sad fate. It had already to have another “success story” in Russelsheim GM in 1984 that was by Ross Perot successfully integrated IT services company of EDS from GM adopted Ross Perot remained until 1987 in the Board of Directors, left then but made to pay because he no longer with wanted to look at the inefficiencies and lack of flexibility also blocked GM expansion and cooperation only after the separation from GM prospered again the company (until HP came). Once unlike anything about the global Opel prospect Magna Frank Stronach Wiener Zeitung: milestones in the life of Frank Stronach in 1954: the 22-year old Franz Strohsack, native leaves Styria Kleinsemmering bei Weiz, and emigrated to Canada. Completed apprenticeship as a toolmaker and 200 dollars in his pocket, he beats by with various jobs. 1957: Stronach is independent in his learned profession and founded his first company, Multimatic. 1960: The Austrokanadier receives the first order from General Motors. Anne Lauvergeon wanted to know more. 1968: Multimatic merged with Magna electronics, an already-listed company, the airplane parts and Armaments produced. The 1970s are in the characters of product diversification. Magna Electronics is renamed to Magna International. 1981: Stronach and his partner Burton Pabst sell the Division of Aeronautics and defense. 1984: Magna lays down the profit participation of employees, shareholders and executives in a company Constitution. 1988: Magna establishes a small branch in Weiz. The Magna group comprises now 70 factories in Canada and the United States. 1995: Stronach opened its European headquarters in Oberwaltersdorf, 25 kilometres south of Vienna, and takes over from the former GiroCredit the car suppliers Eybl Durmont. 1998: Magna buying the majority shareholding in Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Creditanstalt. 1999: Magna International employs more than 58,000 people in 174 production and 31 development centres in 18 countries and implements 9,359 billion dollars (7.5 billion euros). 2001: Magna founds the Magna Steyr AG & Co KG. It comes to further acquisitions. 2004: The annual turnover reached 20.7 billion Dollars (16.8 billion euros). Magna founded a new group, Magna drivetrain, the 2005 TESMA international to Magna Powertrain merged. 2008: Magna announced the development of an electric vehicle and is the largest supplier of automotive parts in North America. 2009: The automotive supplier wants to save the ailing carmaker Opel, after months of negotiations, the deal burst. The XXL party arises then the question, where Opel would today if the Federal Government takeover by Magna does not burst had left?

New Think Tank

Berlin begins new era of dialogue between Germany and Iran. On Saturday, January 8, 2011, Hotel am Gendarmenmarkt is the German Institute for Iranian political and economic research e.V. (DIIPW) at the Berlin Hilton “has been established.” According to the articles of Association is the task of the new think tank of the academic and journalistic discussion of Iranian politics, economy and culture. Iran experts and expert of Shiite theology Shayan Arkian is elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Arkian has been editor-in-Chief of news portal Irananders”and known as the co-author of several books on Iran issues. The renowned Orientalist and Middle East expert Prof. Dr. Udo Steinbach was elected the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“” “Steinbach was after the line of from different research groups and institutes including the German Institute of global and area studies ‘ (GIGA) and the German Orient Institute” most recently at the Centre of local and Middle East Studies “at the University of Marburg. The Economist was appointed Director of the DIIPW Dawood Nazirizadeh appointed, who is working as an expert on Iranian economic issues. The DIIPW is a publicist-oriented think tank that seeks to give the public an expert knowledge in Iranian politics interdisciplinary. The fact that Iran is structurally as institutionally imbued with Shiite Islam as Islamic Republic, this requires extensive expertise about the Alawis. As well, a cultural and political exchanges with Iranian actors of all stripes is necessary for public discussion and opinion-forming. The independent opinion-forming process need for democratic participation in Germany is supported by providing an objective, non-partisan and independent of external interests based on information of the DIIPW”, so Director Nazirizadeh.

It must be in regard to Iran the door to a profound academic and political cultural”dialog will open. The German Institute for Iranian political and economic sciences”consists of an academic and journalistic wings and wants to promote an authentic representation of Iran in the general public with an active educational work. The publication of scientific and academic work are planned, journalistic articles, comments, analyses, interviews, and the Organization of discussion boards. Target is an objective representation of Iran in media and science, to ensure a realistic information basis for dealing with Iran. For this it also envisages the concept of the Institute, may to take complaints to the press and Broadcasting Council, to write letters and replies to participate actively and passively in events over Iran’s politics and economy and thus to enrich the public discourse.

Spend Men Too Much Time At Work?

Better GmbH Berlin oversees DIE LINKE and the Greens in an interview with Jorn Wunderlich (the left), 14.06.2011 and Katja Dorner (Bundnis90 / Die Grunen) take a position on the subject of reconciliation of family and career. Thus the better Betreut continues their series of interviews with the family representatives of the parties in the Bundestag. The detailed statements of Katja Dorner face the scarce responses by Jorn Wunderlich. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tiffany & Co.. “Both representatives see the reconciliation of family and working life as a basic challenge: even at times of full employment of both parents is not always easy reconciliation of family and working life”, Wunderlich brings the issue to the point. Dorner is in this respect also the men in the compulsory and offers concrete measures.

Many fathers spend still too much time in the workplace though they might otherwise wish to see that. (u0085) The increase of father months would supportive for a partnership distribution When the parents money on four months work.” Both deem necessary the expansion of childcare places in Germany. Katja Dorner points in addition to the lack of security in relation to the family planning through temporary or fixed-term contracts and the shortage of child care. The dedicated spokesperson of the Greens in the prohibition of chain limits and other restrictions on employers provides possible solutions. Also refers to the untapped potential of migrants in childcare.

The full interview with Jorn Wunderlich, see 2011-06-14.. The full interview with Ms. DCosta, see… Images can be found here: about – better Betreut providing better Betreut TuV SuD tested solutions in the mediation and consultancy by family services, including in the areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, household and garden on. The company operates the largest database of caregivers in the German-speaking area. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the themes of care. BESSER Betreut helps the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service numerous firms and insurance companies. This emphasizes the active participation as a member of the corporate network “Success factor family” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Since 2007, the better Betreut supports families in more than 10 European countries. More info can be found on. Press requests Stephanie K.n better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin Germany T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-90 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W: