Ademir Francisco Giroto

The manual system does not present cost of production with great differences of excessively. Of form that, in improving the coefficients technician, this system, also call of traditional, can yes present competitiveness before the others two, that they demand capital more in installations and equipment. However, the profile of the integrated ones of the future tends for bigger producers, more capitalized e, at last, more prepared to continue in the market. (Ademir Francisco Giroto, Valdir Silveira de Avila, EMBRAPA, poultry keeping). These technologies demand for its maximum performance, better qualification of the producers and also bigger volume of capital given to the raised cost of implantation. Such investments have made possible advantages in terms of first economic results for the adoptive ones, however, few producers will have access to these new technologies, had to the high financial costs currently charged by the loans. (Ademir Francisco Giroto, Valdir Silveira de Avila, EMBRAPA, poultry keeping).

Investments in the production of cut chickens, normally are of low risk and remuneration and, therefore, is characterized as long-stated period investments. Producers that to get good coefficients technician, exactly with manual systems, well will be remunerated, however, those that present man power scarcity, or regions where its remuneration is high, they will earn with the adoption of automatic or climatized systems (Ademir Francisco Giroto, Valdir Silveira de Avila, EMBRAPA, poultry keeping). Evolution of the Poultry keeping in Brazil the Brazilian industrial poultry keeping was consolidated as a modern segment strong stimulated by public politics, mainly from the years of 1970, when the Brazilian exportations of meat of chicken at the beginning of century XXI had been initiated Brazil if it became one of world-wide the exporting greaters. (Diane Belusso, Antonio Nivaldo Hespanhol, Reviewed Passage, Vol. 2, n: 1, 2010). To analyze the Brazilian industrial poultry keeping and to present the commercial and productive redefinitions in the segment of chicken meats were the main objective, in the search of results on the territorial effect of the poultry keeping industry lno that it refers to the localization of the agro-industrial plants and selectivity and maintenance of the agriculturists.

So Paulo

For better understanding of this trajectory in Brazil, I made to follow a historical briefing of the insertion of the woman in the market of work and the teaching profession. THE BRAZILIAN WOMAN AS FORCE OF WORK AND AS PROFESSIONAL OF THE EDUCATION ' ' The State that does not value its women is an athlete of an arm s.' ' Plato (the Republic) Since middle of century XIX, force of the infantile and feminine work already was used for the industries in Brazil. According to IBGE (1997), in 1894 the women occupied 68%de the vacant in the textile industry, in the industry of clothes and dressing table 34% of the workmanship hand was feminine. With the performance of the woman in the market of work and under influence of the positivismo at the beginning of sc. XX it had certain advance concerning the feminine image that before, as Almeida (1998, p.18) ' ' it agglutinated attributes of poverty, doura, Christian morality, generosity, ' ' inducing comparison of the woman with the virgin catholic.

However, the positivista speech when adopting model that exaltava the resignation and the feminine moral qualities if ' ' they seted of ambiguities (…) and they had been determinative in the social declassification of mulher' '. In this context, the society already had if become complex more, the occured changes in the market of work and the social relations already demanded more pertaining to school ability. In 1940, according to IBGE (1997) only in the state of So Paulo, 40% of the population were alfabetizada, amongst these the majority were the men. New ranks of work had been appearing and increased the requirement for hand of qualified workmanship. It was then urgent that average education if expanded for the country, destarte necessary to prepare professors. In the schools of formation of the professors if ' ' the women, &#039 avultavam; ' , but in the intention to educate them of the masculine aspirations inside.

Neymar Germany

of the other side the celestial one resurges, the first world-wide champions with the baton of the Forlan leader who is more seeming Enzo Francescoli and turning the owner the teams, but this film has the good friend of the principal actor, who makes almost everything for it without taking many credits, but the happy end depends and passes for it, Luizito Suares, the nine of the Uruguay who in it I finish moment seemed to be the villain, when placing the new hand of Dos for preventing the hunger goal, but it finished being the rescuer and if it sacrificed for the teams, if it played in front of the shot for preventing that its native land suffered. thus with madness and champion luck certain in the previsible world of the soccer, the celestial one advances with airs of zebra in Africa. what to speak of the young Germany, an experienced teams, the majority of the players had been in the good campaign of 2006, the third place, only losing for the current champion and disillusionment of the pantry Italy. A teams who came without ostentation, but in the first game very showed to its business card a teams technician who erra hardly mortal in the one against attack, that only made two bad games, both that had not counted on the artilleryman: Klose, that has a Muller substituting the height, or better, a Balack. That it has a player inspired by Beckenbaue. Schweinsteiger seems to take the teams as the greater dolo of Germany, seems that it attended the steps of dolo well and tries to its way to be so shining how much. But if the judge had given the goal of Lampard, the generation of the teams of the dreams of the English with Gerrad, Terry, Rooney, would have obtained to show that it was not dream and yes reality? Now a twisted one of 180 million Brazilians twists so that any election gains little Holland. always goes to exist the question: if the Goose and the Neymar were? if Brazil earned?