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Federative Republic Laws

As if it sees, the situation is indeed serious, therefore, I repeat, without classroom politics, with a minimum of theoretical preparation, does not exist regimen democrtico.' ' (REALE, 2005) With this, we recognize that all Brazilian citizen has right to adequate the public service, accomplishing a social right, being able to demand of the State […]

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Ademir Francisco Giroto

The manual system does not present cost of production with great differences of excessively. Of form that, in improving the coefficients technician, this system, also call of traditional, can yes present competitiveness before the others two, that they demand capital more in installations and equipment. However, the profile of the integrated ones of the future […]

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So Paulo

For better understanding of this trajectory in Brazil, I made to follow a historical briefing of the insertion of the woman in the market of work and the teaching profession. THE BRAZILIAN WOMAN AS FORCE OF WORK AND AS PROFESSIONAL OF THE EDUCATION ' ' The State that does not value its women is an […]

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Neymar Germany

of the other side the celestial one resurges, the first world-wide champions with the baton of the Forlan leader who is more seeming Enzo Francescoli and turning the owner the teams, but this film has the good friend of the principal actor, who makes almost everything for it without taking many credits, but the happy […]

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