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Industry And Entrepreneurs In The Switzerland Go Online

The visibility of a company on the Web is an essential part of corporate communication Uttwil TG, 13.08.2012: the Web presence of a company is often the first point of contact for potential customers and business partners. But more and more on social networks and Visual Media shift the Internet and the interests of the […]

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Microsoft SharePoint

in-GmbH offers smart product for template based project management with Microsoft SharePoint to Konstanz, 06.02.2013. Many companies work project-oriented and collaboratively, but without sufficient standardization with regard to documents, storage structures, processes and project initialization. In most cases many valuable information generated during the project work and documents (Excel, Word, paper), not reused in other […]

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Construction projects: Externalisation of controls in many industrial and commercial enterprises is despite an internally existing planning or building Department common to take additional external services for the processing of own construction projects in claim. The reasons for this are essentially: stark reduced resources by building lean management is not core competencies of the company […]

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Economics Minister Philipp Rosler

With the right sales strategy in the new year sales increase for 2013 with a slight rise in the gross domestic product (GDP) by 1.0 percent, the Federal Government expects. The environment for the German economy to create but altogether more difficult, Economics Minister Philipp Rosler said when announcing the growth forecast in October. Whether […]

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Infringements: A Question Of Culture

According to a study by the Standish Group, 24prozent of IT projects fail. Other sources are even 70 80. Many companies operate a considerable effort for years, to make their project organizations and their projects more successful. Processes and methods are introduced, the time, cost, risk, and performance planning is optimized and improved reporting. In […]

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Time And Money – Time Is Money

At westboxx, rush orders are done quickly, generous dates are specifically rewarded for low prices. Initially the prices charged for the execution of translations, depend on text volume, difficulty and the respective language combination. The translation is so urgent, that must therefore be interrupted the process of other orders, or run at night or on […]

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Poster Printers In The Printer Comparison

Tough competition for jobs in large format in this article you will learn how you can quickly, easily and free powerful poster printing companies can find and compare. Just prior to the awarding of the print job, it is important to check the best poster printers and their price performance ratio. To save time, nerves […]

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Awareness – The Human Firewall

It was never so easy to get information about a company conferences in Kassel, Hanover & Paderborn. Employees spread unconcerned about social networks of Firmeninternas, can the current staff list of research or IT Department a be seen online with picture and then heads wonder, that information flow. For this information, spies before the emergence […]

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Berlin Illustrator Sophia Halamoda

In the age of globalization and global networking, a decisive factor for the international success of companies has become the intercultural communication. The language is built in bridges can collapse these but just as well. The founder of visavis translation comes from a multinational family and grew up in a diverse cultural environment: the diverse […]

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