Ambient Air

Protection of ambient air associated with the implementation of sanitary requirements, and therefore supervised officials sanitary-epidemiological service of the Ministry of Health. In accordance with the Regulations on therefore they are entitled to attend the objects of supervision, give instructions to eliminate the detected violations of health, prohibit or suspend the operation of facilities. Officers of the State Sanitary Oversight shall have the right independently, without recourse to the administrative committee of the executive committees of local Councils of People's Deputies, to impose fines in an administrative order on officials of enterprises, institutions and organizations responsible for violations of rules for protection of atmospheric air. At Rob Daley you will find additional information. State Inspectorate for oversight of gas treatment and collection systems, its regional offices and inspection control performance of enterprises and organizations irrespective of their departmental affiliation of the legislation of the ussr and Soviet republics, as well as instructions and guidelines of the Ministry of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering The Soviet Union for the Protection of air from pollution by harmful industrial emissions. They check compliance by enterprises and organizations operating rules gas treatment and collection facilities technical condition of these facilities, equipping them with devices to continuously monitor the effectiveness of their work. Regulation on state control over the work of the gas treatment and collection systems, approved Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the ussr from February 7, 1974 27.48 gives officials the State Inspectorate to monitor the work of the gas cleaning and dust-catching installations right to freely visit controlled items upon presentation of official identification prescribed form, to give businesses and organizations required for them an order to eliminate inefficiencies in the gas cleaning and dedusting plants, to make proposals on the reconstruction of existing facilities, to require the suspension of persons engage in systematic violations of the rules of operation and collection of gas-purifying installations, to suspend the appropriate technological equipment up to address the causes of air pollution, as well as arrange the materials to bring the perpetrators to justice. A related site: Marko Dimitrijevic mentions similar findings. Officials at the companies and organizations who violate the rules of operation of gas treatment and collection facilities, shall be fined in an administrative order (if violations are not serious enough for professional responsibility.

Production Of Ravioli, As Business Investment

Many representatives of modern mankind wish to open a business or organize a family affair. And many of them succeed in their own reality, then become entrepreneurs medium or large business. But how many complicated way to go before the conquest of his sector of the market and a stable income. Much of the success depends on the initially selected activities. The choice for today huge, but it does not mean that every beginning will lead to a happy sequel.

It is worth paying for the food industry. Indisputable advantage over other food goods and services. Man eats always, and eat simple and tasty will always love you forever. One of the most profitable food industry is the production of semi-finished products, cooking in unpretentious and affordable. Hikmet Ersek understood the implications. Dumplings, it is not strange to the typical representative of meat semis. For lunch or dinner of ravioli enough to cook them in lightly salted water, and the meal is nutritious and high in calories. To organize the production of ravioli to several steps. First we need to determine the saturation of the market for this product in areas where you want it to sell.

Typically, the main consumers of finished products are megacities, where the employment of citizens requires time savings in particular for consumption and cooking food. Production ravioli requires careful approach to the selection of the equipment needed for production. It is best to turn to professionals industry to equip the production plant. In this case, the success of the project increases significantly. Equipment for the production of ravioli has wide name of this apparatus for the preparation of raw materials, ravioli vehicles, equipment for freezing and packing of finished products. In addition to the necessary equipment needed to possess the technology of production of ravioli. It is simple enough, but the quality manufactured product requires special attention to the process. Technology may vary depending on the type of pelmeni produced products: manti, ravioli, tortellini classic. Before the above actions necessary first all, a business plan production, which would take into account the maximum possible number of factors affecting the ultimate success of the company. It is best to entrust this process specialist, as well as the selection of equipment (ate your own skills do not allow to do it yourself). Quality business plan will be an indicator that indicates the viability of production. If the totals do not promise the desired profit, you must its correct: choose cheaper equipment, seek new markets and optimize production itself, but with all this, should not suffer the final quality of the product, or business to fail. Summarizing all the above said can express the following idea: the production of ravioli a profitable business, the main approach the matter with intelligence and knowledge.


For a long time as a shut-off and control valves used valves and valves. In this case, very often it was the valves and valves made of cast iron and very high quality. Many professionals who work in the field of installation and operation of various systems of heating and water, are well acquainted with the problems encountered when used as a multipurpose valves traditional valves – the need for an annual audit for the packing and cleaning rings sealing discs from dirt, the complexity of the emergency line shutdown in emergency cases, a lack of integrity, a high percentage of failures due to a drop jaws or broken bolts. Besides all this, catches have large dimensions and relatively heavy weight. Today is a good alternative to conventional valves and valve – Ball cranes. Ball valves, non-ferrous metals with a threaded connection to the pipeline is already widely used in plumbing, heating, gas, heat and power to individual nodes, and industrial facilities. To objects of power (CHP, rts, boilers, chp, the heat network pipelines), and numerous industrial applications where high requirements for serviceability, in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements (snip, etc.) the use of fittings made of nonferrous metals (including ball valves) with Ring Joint connection to the pipeline is limited. Valves and fittings made of nonferrous metals, not recommended for use on pipelines with a diameter greater than 50 mm, operating at high temperatures and pressures, since the strength characteristics of the case and bolting significantly lower than that of the armature steel and cast iron with flanged connection to the pipeline and the weld.