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Aircraft Patrolling Forests

In order to ensure more efficient operation and increase the responsibility of aviation units and ground-based forest protection for fire detection and extinguishing forest area in the serviced aircraft forestries divided into areas in which fire fighting should be made aviation forces and equipment (areas of aviation security) and the areas in which fire fighting […]

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For a long time as a shut-off and control valves used valves and valves. In this case, very often it was the valves and valves made of cast iron and very high quality. Many professionals who work in the field of installation and operation of various systems of heating and water, are well acquainted with […]

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Plastic Products Manufacture

Today in the manufacture of plastic products used different structural types of molds. Each of these types of stands, depending on how the production molds were made drawing up the nest and loading chamber. Manufacture of molds – a necessary element of any production of plastic products, as they cast all its parts, or just […]

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