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The fundamental approach to improve the performance of crushing equipment is to strengthen management. Since the constant development of the scientific technology and the extensive use of new technology and new material, the demands for operators are relatively higher because of its various function and complicated structure. Therefore, it is essential to enhance the skills training of operating personnel in order to make them master the principle, composition and operating skills. Excellent technical merit of operators creates good economic benefits for enterprise through greatly improving the utilization and perfectness ratio of crushing equipments, which avoids the mechanical damages caused by the personal factors, and shorten the time to repair and maintenance cycle. What s more, working attitudes, work motivation and sense of responsibility also have a great impact on the machine s performance. I mentioned above that the big material hardness is likely to causes low operation speed and low production capacity. Therefore, the attention to material selection should be given prior.

So, the material component should not too complex. In addition, too much fine particles in material will lead to accession to crusher, which is also influence finished sand transmission. So, when fine particle content is too large, the material should pass through screening in advance to screen late timely. If no special requirement, material fineness is usually mid fine sand. Another factor is material moisture, too much water content can also lead to accession in impact crusher. Moreover, it is likely to cause blogging when transmission. So, the moisture of material should not be too excessive. Or it will bring negative effect to the whole sand making line.

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Reasonable Configuration

During the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the development effort in the southwest region of China is increasingly intensified. The construction of infrastructure, industrial and civil engineering gets rapid development in recent years. The southwest region of China includes Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Chongqing and other provinces and cities, of which most are on the plateau. And the resources of limestone, granite, river gravel and iron ore are extremely rich, which provide a strong guarantee for the high speed development need of infrastructure construction for sand and gravel resources in southwest region of China. In addition, the rich phosphorus, bauxite, coal and other mineral resources also meet the production needs of chemical industry.It is reported that, because of the great local demand for the stone and gravel, in recent years, the local exploitation of mining resources and production of aggregates has been extremely hot.

Due to many small quarries do not pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection, high pollution and high waste phenomenon is here and there. Last year, the local government integrated the high-quality sand and gravel industry, shutting down many small sand and gravel mining and production enterprises. Therefore, the sand and gravel mining and the production equipment management with energy saving must be going deeply into the various enterprises. The developing direction of sand production line configuration – large-scale and standardization has become the focus of attention.First, developing the limestone production line towards large scale, standardization, energy conservation and emission reduction gets more and more attention in the southwest region of China.Second, the small scale sand and gravel production line also needs to achieve the unification of energy saving and economy applicable.Under the irresistible trend in the southwestern region, the integration of sand production enterprises is extremely urgent. The mining machinery enterprises in China should provide considerable service and high efficiency crushing equipments to make contribution to the rapid development of southwest region in China.