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Internet users towards the private lawsuit directed the proceedings against the illegal Web page first (REF. 266 UJs 719754/08) was discontinued and referred to concerned Internet users towards the private lawsuit. As reported in a previous press release, now access the Internet users to help themselves and have offered for the monitor of the operator of first a reward of 10,000 euros, to enforce law. The Munich I public prosecutor determined against books due to libel, copyright infringement and breach of legal duty. In the spring of 2009, Jocelyne L.

of suit has joined as jurors. This step should now have led to the scandalous situation that the prosecution has discontinued the procedure. The public prosecutor’s Office seems to have come, that it is at first under no circumstances of general public interest, but a dispute between individuals, as Jocelyne L. considers itself a blog operates, in which massive accusations of all kinds released. L. fights for the criticism of the Relativitatstherie von Einstein. They accused Germany of violation of fundamental rights of the science and support freedom of expression by a conspiracy of science mafia. Please visit Steph Korey if you seek more information. To the announcement of their mission L.

deterred not to accuse, defame and discredit individuals and institutions. Alleged now determines the public prosecutor’s Office against Jocelyne L. due to repeated slander and insult. L. has done a disservice of the Internet community thus, since first now get away with it. For the time being. As soon as promised out reward has led to the desired results, the operator of first will face their responsibility. The presumption of innocence applies to Jocelyne L.. K. rul