The Company

Model this that with the participation of all the funciionrios of the Company, since the president until the simple laborer, all working in born in the kingdom a pleasant environment where the motivadora harmony, producing, innovating and all satisfied ones in its accomplishments. To modify an existing picture already with old paradigms of the employees is not easy task, had to the comodismo of the same ones and not the acceptance of changes, therefore the majority of the strategical initiatives imperfection accurately in the implementation process. You may wish to learn more. If so, Crawford Lake Capital is the place to go. On the organizacionais changes Sylvia Constant Vergara it says that: One expects that the vision and strategical action that, practically, had always been restricted to the high direction today make part of daily of all the people in the company, to the measure whom if they guide for intended results and for tasks that add value what it is produced. (VERGARA, 2006, p 31). The employees of determined companies if feel accomodated, therefore much people find that the same ones go to the work to only beat the card of point, without the concern to show service to guarantee its wage or to make some course of recycling. These employees would have to invest in its formation and to present resulted to progress in the career.

On the evaluation of the performance of the professional Idalberto Chiavenato, he affirms in them that: All necessary person to receive retraction regarding its performance to know as its work is going. Without this retraction the people walk blindly. Also the necessary organization to know as the people plays its activities to have an idea of its potentialities. Thus, people and organizations need to know something regarding its performance (…). (CHIAVENATO, 1999, pgs. 189 and 190). On the subject motivation of employees Silvia Vergara in the ones of the following o agreement: The subject motivation is, without a doubt, fascinating.


The difficulties however, are many, mainly when it is about a public school, where the lack of resources is innumerable. The behavior and intervention suggested by the CREESE advise its permanence in the regular series, strengthened with works directed its problematic one. To the interviewed being the teacher revealed worried and spoke: – Not yet we prepare in them for the inclusion, however practical ours and the professional ethics lead in them to a refined analysis of the difficulties that we detect inside of the classroom and, led for the overcoming desire, search ways diverse to inside take care of of the possibilities our pupils who do not present advances with regard to the learning. To deepen your understanding Jeff Gennette is the source. Pupil 2, when having its situation analyzed for the CREESE had the following inference: The pupil presents characteristics of a sindrmica child, needed a deepened diagnosis. It, beyond remaining in regular classroom, needs to be in room of resources, being submitted to the fonoterapia and being directed for a endocrinologista, in order better resulted and disgnostic correct.

The teacher of this second pupil, when reading the report of the CREESE, relieved: Our desire is to equally take care of and to take the knowledge to all, however always we detect certain difficulties in learning of some pupils who worry in them. Add to your understanding with Governor Cuomo. Then we appeal the managing team stops supporting in them in the search of how much in such a way institucional familiar aid. The family most of the time does not take very the serious one, and the school not yet makes use of resources necessary to take care of of satisfactory form. We look for to work with the child with the minimum that we possess, however does not have a good development. The relief of this second teacher inside discloses the picture of the situation of the inclusion of the public schools: they lack able resources, professionals and mainly, interest of the family.

The Fight

Light Compactuamos with an inadequate calendar, that becomes some inactive clubs for unacceptable periods, or that they demand excesses of games of others, punishments for serious lacks, inadmissible errors of arbitrators, violence between twisted, masculine unemployment and until the excess of weekly games, is factors that desmotivam the public. It enters the positive initiatives of the last decades, we detach the creation of the calls ' ' Escolinhas de Futebol' ' reasonable stimulated for municipal city halls ONGs, projects and for the private initiative. Whose mission, vision, values, and politics objectify to form men to disclose craques, thus reaching a true one sport of high level. The emotional one of the athlete makes the difference, joining the ability technique, ethical behavior and eclectic ability, these attributes must be part of the qualification of young aspirings to the estrelato, in such a way will result in profits for the new discoveries, thanks to the improvement of the beddings of the soccer and for the orientation, on as to construct a successful career in a profession where high and low they are constant, knowing that many earn while others lose. 3.

The COUNTRY STOPS DURING the PANTRY OF the WORLD When the Election plays, generally a person at least in the street does not see itself, the children is excused from the school, many does not work. After all, the soccer of the world is the biggest related event, and it could not be different in the country of the soccer. The games attract thousands of fanatic torcedores, twisted organized, bands, tears and shouts. The vibration is enormous after each goal, the fight between twisted after each victory also. The judge is xingado (its mother, son of), the torcedores if despair, but in the end of the accounts everything always finishes well. Exactly if its teams loses and you have that to support to see its colleagues with the shirt of the other teams in the following day, in the week that comes everything can be different.

Public Power

From this vision, the period of training of the pupil of the course of Social Service in the area of the Social Assistance, implying in the understanding of the supremacy of the attendance to the social necessities on the requirements of economic yield, the conscience of that the social rights are universal, in order to become the addressee of the alcanvel assistencial action for excessively the public politics, the development of the respect to the dignity of the citizen, its autonomy and its right the benefits and services of quality, as well as the familiar and communitarian convivncia, forbidding if any vexatious evidence of necessity, and the commitment with the promotion of equality of rights in the access to the attendance, without discrimination of any nature, guaranteeing itself equivalence to the urban and agricultural populations, capacity of ample spreading of the benefits, assistenciais services, programs and projects, as well as of the resources offered for the Public Power and of the criteria for its concession. These principles that are enclosed in the project of the Federal Government for the Social Assistance establish the paper of the period of training of the Social Service, assumed for the work that was developed by the trainees, in Caruaru-FOOT. To facilitate to the work of the Social Assistant and the aiming of the public politics it was implemented I register in cadastre Only for Social Programs? CADNICO, that if deals with: an instrument of identification and socioeconmica characterization of the Brazilian families of low income, understood as those with equal or inferior income the half minimum wage for person (per capita) or monthly familiar income of up to three minimum wages. Its information can be used by the governments federal, state and municipal to get socioeconmico diagnosis of the registered in cadastre families, for in such a way, to make possible the analysis of its main necessities (MDS 2011, P.