Feminine Eurobasket

One prevailed in its debut in the championship to the selection of Germany by 79-69. Valdermoro, Torrens, Aguilar and Montaana took the offensive weight of the equipment. This Sunday, second divided of the Spaniards in the match before Montenegro. The feminine Spanish selection of basketball was released with a victory, before Germany by 79-69, in the championship of Europe of Poland in a party without much control, in which the Germans put speed and enthusiasm and the Spaniards quality and determination at the moments keys. A partisan of 7-0 in the first two minutes of party, after an electrical starting of the Spanish selection, put to the equipment in the way adapted towards the victory, thanks to one connected Ana Montaana, and marked the rate, a little wild, of the party. Germany felt comfortable with a fast, aggressive game and without too much control and Spain either, that always the initiative in the marker took, it did not make too much dominate the tempo. The irruption of Amaya Valdemoro and two triples of the flagship served to consolidate the advantage, 21-12, to term of the first quarter.

In the second period, the Germans began with a 0-4, but Spain, now with Elisa Aguilar to the control of the operations, controlled the situation, reaching advantages that got to be from fourteen points (39-25, minute 19) and that to the rest remained in twelve points, 39-27. Germany followed with a very vertical, dangerous game and without elaboration, almost infecting to a Spanish selection that thus, lost part of its advantage by its greater quality. The interchange of baskets and failures was the habitual tonic of a third quarter in which teutonas got to approach until 45-42. At this moment, the Spanish equipment reacted immediately and obtained a 7-0 partisan that it gave back the tranquillity in the track to the players. With Sancho Lyttle controlled and the wild rate by flag well, the selection made use of its quality and experience to take the marker in tax exemption and to ensure the first victory the championship.

After the 58-49 of the end of the third quarter, Spain followed without fitting dnsa and breaking definitively in the marker, which propitious that in the interchange of Germany baskets returned to approach four points, 66-62 for want of little more than five minutes for the end of the party. Jose Ignacio Hernandez, national selector, did not want risks and put in track all the experience and quality of the Spanish selection, that is to say, Lyttle, Valdemoro, Aguilar, Montaana and Torrens, to ensure the victory. And there was no option for the Germans. Aguilar guided with hand signs and Valdemoro sentenced the first triumph in the European by 79-69. – List of credits: 79 – Spain (21+18+19+21): Domnguez (4), Torrens (18), Montaana (13), Passover and Xargay – initial equipment, Nicholls (2), Lima (1), Palau, Aguilar (17), Valdemoro (16), Lyttle (8) and Cross. 69 – Germany (12+15+22+20): Bar (14), Breitreiner (6), Austmann (10), Khn (8) and Mersch (8) – initial equipment, Richter (7), Koop (2), Wagner, Menz (3), Thimm, Greunke (3) and Glser (8). Incidences: Party corresponding to 1 day of the feminine championship of disputed Europe in the room Spotek de Katowice (Poland) before about thousand spectators.

Text Book Sales

In Spain 2,890 were sold, 80 million book Euros and outside 457.79 million. The greater preoccupation comes from the reduction of a 3.2% that underwent the past year the nonuniversity text book sale. Also it is considered burdens the slope of a 43.7% of the purchases for libraries. The economic recovery of the outer markets has benefitted to the Spanish publishing sector, that in 2010 exported books for 457.79 million Euros, which supposes a 3.5% more than in 2009, year in which the crisis was let notice and produced an abrupt reduction of 19%. All these data come from the report of Outer Comercio of Libro corresponding to 2010, presented by the Spanish Federation of Cameras of Libro (FEDECALI).

The good results of the outer market of the book contrast with those of the domestic trade, that in 2010 less invoiced a 7% than in 2009, due to " great parn" of the consumption, to " educative policies errticas" that they apply the independent communities and to the abrupt reduction of the institutional money destined to libraries, it indicated the Secretary General of this organism, Antonio Maria Avila. The EU, main destiny the European Union stays as the main destiny of the Spanish exports of the sector with 269.1 million Euros, which supposes an increase of 5.97% with respect to 2009. France and the United Kingdom are the main adressees of books and Spanish publishing products, with 108.3 and 77.6 million invoicing Euros, respectively. In both countries an increase with respect to 2009 has taken place (97.2 and 75.6 million Euros of sales). America consolidates as secondly destiny of the sales to the outside with 176.4 million Euros, a 0.5% more than in 2009.Mexico, Argentina and Brazil are the American countries in which they more sold the Spanish companies the last year, although in both first a fall of the invoicing with respect to 2009 took place.

Spanish Councilmen

Israel the Citizen Alvarez 20m the political party in Target has obtained four councilmen, that they will not gather his act and who they will not attend any plenary session. Its objective is to secure to the vote in computable target and the reform of the electoral law. The majority of the city councils of Spain will celebrate their plenary sessions of east constitution Saturday. Nevertheless, in three of them there will be empty chairs, that would have to occupy elect councilmen, but who will not be there for gathering their acts of councilman. One is the 4 councilmen who have obtained Citizen in Target in three Catalan localities and that will carry out the main objective of their political formation: to represent the vote in target, to the citizens who are not in agreement with the professional parties and the present political and electoral system.

During the 4 years that the legislature lasts, their chairs will remain empty. They want that the vote in target is computable. Citizens in target a hollow in Spanish electoral history has been able to become, when obtaining not only representing in three city councils, but when becoming the sixth voted political force more in Madrid, seventh in Seville and eighth in Barcelona. " We have gone to the electorate with a message in that we have explained our critics to the present system political, based in an electoral law that does not allow that all the political proposals participate in equality of conditions " , Julian explains de Fabian, the elect councilman in Santa Maria de Palautordera by Citizens in Target. " It is a totalitarian system, not democrtico" , he assures. The councilmen of this formation, who also have secured representation in Gironella and Foix (2 councilmen), will not attend the plenary sessions, but they will not cost &quot either; nor euro" to the citizens.