Lisa Arzamasova

As we all know Lisa Arzamasova, an actress from the television show 'Daddy's '-round development and talented people. She can not sit still for a single moment: almost every day, Lisa was withdrawn in the series "Father's Daughter," plays in the theater and film, is interviewed by reporters, and at the same time more and finish grade 9. Why not a child prodigy? Lisa decided to try out his new endeavors. Each day the 15 th Lisa opens a new and fresh talent. Recently time, Lisa became interested peniem.Devochke little theater productions. Now all her powers are aimed at show business. Lisa Arzamasova shot video for the song 'I am your sun'. Heat Exchanger Equipments opinions are not widely known. She says that when he sings this song all the time thinks that 'No matter how many people would not be surrounded by it during the day on the set, theater, school, she still comes home every night.

Locks the door in his room and is alone with itself. With their fears and loneliness. 'But we are in no way are not alone, says Lisa. There are people who love us, forcing to smile and forget about the sadness. And still thinking about that in my life but tinsel, different people, roles and masks unspeakable ideas are simple but most pleasant and important things. The actress knows that hardly anyone would guess, is why such a simple song has prompted her to such thoughts.

'Do not be surprised that a simple simple song made me think about many things. I just immediately thought about all that with me on the eve of happening. " Complete installation of the clip Lisa noted, along with the crew, their friends and mom. The actress shared that the shooting of the clip brought her lots of positive impressions. And here is actually very long-awaited clip Lisa Arzamasova.