Auditcompliant Online Tutorial

CHECK-UP! is a concise online learning system with a sophisticated didactic learning mode and integrated exam simulation. Millions of theoretical driving tests be removed annually by the TuV and DEKRA testing organizations. For the theoretical driving test, all bodies are equipped with PCs for the \”driving test on the PC\” in future. Read more from James Woolsey to gain a more clear picture of the situation. End of 2009 only the digital driver’s license exam to be offered then in whole Germany. The digital licence test on a PC requires a completely new way of learning for the learner. The has been active since 1931 for the learner driver training driving school Fachverlag VVR turns with his online tutorial check-up! This challenge.

No matter whether the learner testing with sheets of paper or a digital test system sets optimally and audit compliant it may be with check-up! prepare for the theory exam. CHECK-UP! is a concise online learning system with a sophisticated didactic learning mode and integrated Exam simulation. CHECK-UP! contains all issues of the official exam question catalogue according to the most recent legal guidelines. The licensed check mask and the structure and flow of exam simulation comply by TuV and DEKRA. Questions and answers in the subject areas of the basic and additional material are represented divided learning mode in the learning mode.

The official exam questions can thus continuously \”taught out\” are. It also has the ability to learn marked or incorrectly answered questions separately. CHECK-UP! ensuring a maximum and optimum learning success. The learning mode you learn with a mask of learning, which essentially corresponds to the check mask in the theoretical driving test on a PC. It has a so-called \”sniffer mode\”, which can be used for show the correct answers. Also clearly worded explanatory texts, can be viewed depending on the class, sometimes with additional Imaging to the respective question. Clear and well understandable statistics, the evaluation is based on the performance table of German industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC), shed light on the current state of knowledge at any time.

Caterpillar Wheel Loader On The Rise:

Whether new or used wheel loader or skid chains 259 B 3, whether new or used wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, compact tracked loaders, Deltlader or skid steer loader of manufacturer Caterpillar has charger for every need in its product range. And the machines such as Caterpillar wheel loader or skid chains evolve regularly. Recently, such as the new cat was brought compact tracked loaders 259 B of the series 3 with lift and drive suspension on the market. This loader is an extremely powerful and very manoeuvrable complement of the number of cat skid chains steer loaders. “By combining the slender compact tracked loaders platform with the cat engine C3. 4t DIT, great stripping powers and extraordinary additional hydraulic power is 259 B 3 a machine with high power density”, which also can run hardest working in confined spaces. If you would like to know more about Rachel Crane, then click here. With premium features fitted 259B 3 with an independent steel drive with suspension, sturdy rubber chains with embedded steel, a high-performance hydraulic system and improved CAB completes the compact tracked loaders program as a durable, versatile machine, productive working also under adverse soil conditions and in harsh environments.

The rated payload of 259 B 3 is 937 kg (2065 lb) at 35 percent and 1338 kg (2950 lb) at 50 percent tipping load. If equipped with the optional counterweight, it rises even on 1360 kg (3000 lb). With the vertical loading rods the new compact tracked loaders achieves a lifting height of 3046 mm (120 “), to an excellent range, making possible the loading trucks easier and accurate placement of material. The loader is the engine of C3. 4t DIT with a net capacity of 53 kW (71 HP) which will meet the emissions regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency, according to tier-4 interim and the EU in accordance with stage 3A. In its size class, the 259 B 3 is the only machine that has a drive with free suspension as standard.

Cheap Car Rentals

Drive in style, but within your budget with cheap car rental plan for a holiday with the family or on a romantic weekend with your partner or for business purposes, and looking after perfect vehicle at the best price then go, there are numerous car rental service providers with cheap car rental of the care of all worries will take. You offer the best deals in every major city and country all of their customers worldwide. With cheap car rental services, you get from the large fleet of small economic cars, to choose a large people carrier. To rent your choice, you can have a car fun and excitement when you’re traveling. There are to complete freedom and flexibility, would walk around or in a certain place, till the time you stop. You can the vehicles on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly depending on the be hired as needed.

If you in the short term or long term rental, you will get the best deal possible with excellent discounts. You Choose the best quality and model of the vehicle from the various cheap car rental provider, an economy, 2-seater, large MPVs. However, it is advisable that you, if you need an automatic or manual transmission at the time of booking, to specify. Some car rental companies also offer the possibility of a car with chauffeur, that will drive your car and take you to your desired destination. If necessary, you can also satellite navigation systems, CD player, rear carrier and car seat for your vehicle. If you are looking for an affordable, comfortable and convenient fashion for the trip, is surely the best choice then cheap car rental services. To offer a wide selection of cars, according to your needs, requirements and budget. You can also lucrative offers in the form of discounts and promotional packages which saves a lot of money. It is absolutely easy to use, their lowest prices. All you have to do is book in advance your car. Do not wait longer and book your car now!

Tyres Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2

Tyres Hankook Ventus – ultra-high-performance winter will soon be over, and many motorists worry what tires now is the right thing for the summer now. Presented the tire is impressive here Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 who possesses not only an asymmetric tread excellent driving characteristics. The Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 is an ultra high-performance summer tires. According to Rob Daley, who has experience with these questions. This development emerged from the strong commitment by Hankook tyre partner of the internationally known DTM touring car race series. This UHP tyre boasts many innovative technologies and is manufactured at the modern site in Hungary.

The new model in sizes between 17 and 19, as well as the tyre cross-section between 35 and 45 mm is available. The tread width here cover the sizes 215 to 275 and are primarily suitable for higher motorized compact cars, upper-class vehicles and sports cars. The summer tyres Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 is presented with an asymmetric tread profile. This a full tire footprint ensures multiple RADIUS profile in all weather conditions. The side profile blocks are designed so that the wet well at the sides is derived and an excellent aquaplaning performance is achieved. In addition to a good handling, good road contact on all dry and wet road surfaces is given. Security and high vehicle control is also at high speeds. The tyre is approved with the speed index of y up to 300 km/h.

The 3-ply profile block design with its stair-shaped outer staircase block arrangement offers excellent traction and at the same time ensures a uniform and low abrasion. The new silica compound with optimized networking system improves not only the wear and wet grip behaviour, but also the heat aging resistance. The novel styrene polymer formula reduces the rolling resistance and offers a sufficient grip and short braking distances on wet roads. The current EU tire label according to reached the summer tyres Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 a class B energy efficiency. Wet grip is B also in the top class, whereas the noise with 71 is dB (A) in the normal range. The Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 has an additional VAI shoulder wear indicator, offers a faster heat dissipation on wet weather and is equipped with a wheel guard. This UHP high performance summer tire offers an attractive alternative to many other brands makes total and can be thoroughly recommended.

New Multiair

The motor load is directly above the suction valves and no longer via the Throttle valve controlled. As a result the engine technicians escapes the trade-off between sporty or consumption-oriented configuration, the Multiair engine can do both. Full power and fuel economy. Result: plus 10% maximum, up to 15 percent more torque and reduces fuel consumption up to 10 percent. That go back hence CO2, particulates and NOx emissions, taking sympathetic note.

As well as the rapid response when the throttle. The cylinder filling is adjusted continuously the respective load condition, making the engine always runs at optimum efficiency. What is like to forget is that Alfa Romeo or the underlying Fiat group has also a good reputation of about new technologies in engine construction. Originally Fiat was instrumental in the development of common-rail technology, Bosch unlatched a however in the development shortly before the start of production and took over the patents. New Multiair technology, you can see a similar revolutionary progress and prides itself this time on all a ver to tortliche development. And You can ride even we jump from the captivating presentation of theory directly into practice. In the snazzy MiTo, the group got the Multiair engine first from the Fiat. “It only works with the spontaneous throttle response when the Alfa DNA to dynamic” is set.

What is that again? “” This is a small lever left before the stick with the dynamic settings”normal”and all weather”, makes together: DNA. Three driving modes, and so on to influence response, hardness of the steering. In the normal “operation it carries with just the Backpack by fuel-saving measures, and the paralyzing attaches itself to the advancement. This is depending on the road, and if you already stuck in the traffic, it makes nothing. Then, it comes with 6 to 7 litres consumption and also the stop / start a mite controls automatic. The Multiair technology eliminates simplified said the camshaft. The valves are controlled electro-hydraulically. As a result the cylinder filling can be adapted as needed by consumption-saving up to sporty driving style. More power and torque with considerably lower fuel consumption are the bottom line. “And you can quickly drive also raises however the picky nitpicking about Board and provides dynamic”, gather the 135 horsepower to a cheerful gallop. Seat position, circuit, steering and suspension make you one with the MiTo, you believe you’re as Loeb. And that space is not soooo back and that you must squeeze as in all three Tuerern on the rear seat doesn’t bother the also. A car for driver and front passenger. In the centrally located information display you get served the most relevant information about consumption, remaining range, etc.. by Andreas Hanley,

Hybridfautos And Hybrid Bicycles

Information about the hybrid engine and hybrid vehicles when looking at gasoline prices can one in the today’s time quickly anxious are because of petrol prices have risen disproportionately in recent years. This development has resulted in that rethinking has taken place also by the automobile manufacturers. The trend toward hybrid vehicles. What are hybrid cars? For vehicles two different drive types are combined with hybrid drive. As a result hybrid is the drive. Normally, this a waste are an internal combustion engine. The battery of the electric motor loads up again when the driver to roll out the car or brakes. Hybrid vehicles can be distinguished by full hybrid, mild hybrid or micro-hybrid.

At the full hybrid, most energy can be saved while in city traffic, but also the development costs are highest. On the mild-hybrid electric motor and storage batteries are less set and the journey time with pure electric drive is limited, for the development costs are correspondingly lower. Especially for small car is interesting micro-hybrid technology. They have a small electric motor and can by stopping of the motor, automatic start stop system and regenerative braking systems save up to 15% energy. The hybrid drive established hybrid bikes now also in the bicycle market.

The best known hybrid-powered are the Pedelec and the electric bike. Although both bicycle models on the pedals and a supporting electric motor be operated, there are significant differences. In contrast to the electric bicycle, the Pedelec can be operated not only by the electric motor. The Pedelec must be experienced so always in the pedals, then turns the electric pedal support added. Electric Bicycle the rider can also give gas without pedaling to”. How does the hybrid? According to the UN definition, at least two energy converters and two energy storage devices must be installed in a hybrid vehicle. Examples of energy converters are petrol, diesel electric motors, while, for example, a battery or a fuel tank are responsible for the energy storage. The individual engines can at the hybrid either parallel (together) or serial (individually) work together. Parallel means that both engines together affect the part to be moved, while serial collaboration on the part to be moved has only one motor and the other provides only performance. At city or storage drives is toggled automatically on electric operation, while again will be converted to the more powerful combustion drive at higher temperatures. Benefits of hybrid vehicles more efficient electric drive in city traffic high fuel savings no energy consumption in the stand (electric mode) no direct emissions (electricians) normal power in combustion mode (motorway) disadvantages of hybrid vehicles high cost high complexity higher curb weight (battery) conclusion it is only in the future show, what technology makes the race for the cleanest and most fuel efficient car. In terms of economy, the hybrid vehicle currently not yet with the diesel engine can keep, since this a significantly longer life time than the battery which has hybrid vehicles. Nevertheless, the hybrid vehicle is today, especially for city driving, a serious and good alternative. For more information about the Pedelec and get to the electric bicycle on the bike information page, there

Repair Make Kluge

(Online article) – Interior: invisible the Malheur has happened fast burn holes and cracks and a stain, a fire hole, or even damage to the dashboard is done. This is bad for the back sale value of the vehicle. There are probate means of remedy, which are also inexpensive. For the repair of plastic, leather or textiles in the Interior of the vehicle the smart repair technique is used. Smart repair applications include the removal of fire holes in upholstery applications, and the removal of holes in the dashboard, repair of door panels, leather seats and many more possibilities. The smart repair process, the damaged part of the vehicle is not costly exchanged, but repaired.

The smart repair repair is possible directly in the vehicle and saves time and money. Special smart repair repair systems for various materials in and on the vehicle provide a broad recovery of the most damage. On the occasion you can usually a complete interior cleaning make that quickly and accurately can perform special operations with the appropriate means. Then it smells fresh again in the vehicle and all corners, niches and edges are clean and free of dust. That is also a plus, if you want to sell the vehicle. Contacts are the own specialist workshop or specialised companies for the repair and cleaning of vehicles. Fn/lps