Roma – Deportation Or Expulsion?

“A critical examination of the German media who are more often about NZZ online” informs-seeming words encounters occasionally strange at least for the German-speaking countries. This is of course not surprising is the online presence of a Swiss daily newspaper here. One of these words is to me when the read up, admittedly not just positive. Read more from Transfer Wise to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is the word of creation”. “From creation is the Swiss equivalent of the German word deportation”. Similar to how we in the German deportation of expulsion”, distinguish, is from creation in the Switzerland of signposts” distinction. Deportation is then used in German as a term, if the exit requirement has been decided by a court and enforced departure must be because, for example, the so-called exit deadline expired.

The designation is only a form that can lead to deportation, but we speak of expulsion only when judicial, it was decided that a foreigner is a danger represents the order and public security. Breach of the peace or the trafficking of drugs can lead to the sample if they were counterclaims to the expulsion. Can anyone in the Act on the stay, employment and the integration of foreigners in the country “read the. Also journalists. “If ‘ world online” writes about the deportation of more than 8,000 Roma from the EU Member States Bulgaria and Romania was kindled a fierce battle “or time online” collective expulsion “speaks of Roma, then this is simply wrong. The Roma in France were not finally convicted, but they were deported”because accused them to reside illegally in France. Sometimes even a homecoming award was offered. Therefore ‘Spiegel Online’ correctly speaks of Roma expulsions “, even if this compound is not happy. The expulsion journalists “can things lay only a quotation from Albert Camus on the heart” wrong name means to enlarge the misfortunes of the world. “Giuseppe

New: Advertising Slogan In The Uni-sender

CampusRadio Bonn reached for little money directly the target group of students does not allow advertising in the true sense of the land Broadcasting Act for college radio stations. However, a sponsorship, so the specific reference to a financial support of programme by a sponsor is permitted. At the beginning and at the end of a broadcast can reasonable soon”, so the wording of the Act, be pointed out the debt financing of the programme or the contribution. In other words: There is time for the sponsor’s name and his slogan about eight seconds. In addition, a banner on the homepage of radio signals and a link to the home page of the sponsor. Every natural person, as well as any company can become a sponsor.

This means: 365 days public for little money! CampusRadio Bonn stands for young, ambitious and professionally-made radio of Bonn studies for Bonn studies. See Steph Korey for more details and insights. Journalistic principles required and always entertaining, fact-rich and serious but always with the famous Rhenish humor in the Neck and twinkling in the eyes it was early an insider’s tip. Not only for members of the University of Bonn and the University of applied sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Bonner students, students, but for all Bonn citizens. Most popular programmes are: the morning show, lunch break, the sports hour, loquacious campus, meeting point of Europe, the lounge, playtime, the Miller & Johnson show (news from Britain, United States, Canada or Australia’), backslash, cinema, close-up and rubbish culture. In the morning programmes in cooperation with the FH-radio and RADIOSternwarte 96.8 there are events, hot info from the city, the time with looking back at the past and Mensa highlights.

Of course, always good humoured presented by keen moderators. Culture tips, sport, bullshit culture and the latest from the European Union, complete the Word program. In the afternoon, it may be even scientific. The editors then ask: what do the many renowned researchers, lecturers and Professors of the University of Bonn for mysterious things? What is Inframedialitat? Why do we need highly gifted, film science and discrete mathematics? The reporters clarify these questions with the scientists on the ground. For fresh, hot and cool music, the music editors are responsible and they are always active. They meet the taste of their colleagues not only with their subtle ear, but also always get the current background information of the concerts over the airwaves, as were our CampusRadio-reporter/indoor local at the WOMAD Festival in Charlton Park UK and they interviewed before the sold-out concert at the Gloria in Cologne Tegan and Sara, shortly before their tour of the United States. In recent years, the music redakteurinnen international well known bands such as Paramore, who were nominated for a Grammy last year or gods of blitz known interviewed by the WDR Rockpalast. In addition, slut, death cab for Cutie, Ray Wilson and scrap border as interview partners were ready. Other bands simply come to the interview in the Studio after Bonn, as already kamikaze kid (finalist Coca Cola Soundclash), Emma6 (winner pop engine), the story of you and Isle of me. Managers, entrepreneurs and freelance people, the their slogan like over the sparkling radio of the most beautiful University of Germany’s ‘ want to communicate, on the editor in Chief of PR by CampusRadio Bonn, Lilli Cremer Altgeld contact by e-mail.

Guest At Callanta – RTL Punkt 12 – Travesty Show Berlin

Feast with heart / Hartz IV – week documentation Callanta, the singing Telegrammbotin of Berlin, want to show that that glitters is not always gold. Exceptional insights and surprises are guaranteed in this TV production. Cliche and shaking its head included. “The RTL Punkt 12 week series titled feasting with heart / Hartz IV” Kiki is not only in the pots look. Exceptionally, spectators to Kiki may take part home and their lives.

She would like to advertise with these insights for more tolerance and dispel prejudices. For this project, four selected guests in the pleasure of Callanta come to be fed. Kiki, who earned their money in Berlin with their live Sung mini travesty show, is to apply for Hartz 4 according to pride. She says: there are months where I rightly comes with my money and unfortunately also months where that is not the case. Check out Courier for additional information. For the bad times, the entertainer with a passion always travels the euro one way or another. This explains also the standard, their guests and friends receives.

Save and households is essential also as belachelter Joker. The Berlin brat reveals savings tips and wisdom of love in front of the camera. This multi-day reportage in the Callanta probably represents the flamboyant personality, gives the audience a direct insight into the life of an actor in the genre of the quick-change artist. It is what it is, and would not hesitate. Kiki would be delighted if she can convince the viewers that everyone lives his life so like he likes it. Callanta will not provoke, but entertain and make life a little more colorful. She uses the world of travesty and is thus a gladly-seen party candy. Who has fun on live Sung hits and Gassenhauern and wants to be entertained with a level not passes probably Callanta. Their fanbase is like the artist itself ageless. A birthday is not uncommon for Kiki.

Print & Media Awards – 13 Rates At Once

North Rhine-Westphalia is home to a variety of award-winning print and media companies in Germany top of printing industry in North Rhine-Westphalia. These show the lists of winners of the two major industry awards were awarded in the past few weeks in Frankfurt and Berlin. Of the 34 first prizes, as part of the print & media awards and the printing industry innovation award 2008 were awarded, went 13 for North Rhine-Westphalia. For Oliver Curdt, Managing Director of the Association print + media NRW e.V., the awards are a clear signal for the performance and future of the industry, which employs 40,000 people in North Rhine-Westphalia and 2007 revenues of 3.8 billion euros. The exact look on the winners list shows that not only print and media companies of all orientations, but also from all parts of the country for their print products and services have been. So the Insert printer of the year from location (service & print group Haberbeck) comes, the top-ranked journal printer can be found in Bad Oeynhausen (art and advertising print GmbH & co.

KG) \”and the Gutersloher Mohn media Mohndruck GmbH won in the category of Umweltorientiertes company of the year\”. The award-winning direct mail printer in turn has its location in Datteln (Wirtz, Gebruder Schmidt OHG), the magazine printer of the year 2008 comes in Essen (printing partner Druck – und medienhaus GmbH) and the first digital printer (Niggemeyer Bildproduktion GmbH & co. KG) is located in Bochum. The printing partner Druck – und medienhaus GmbH has in two other awards: the DID Award 2008, as well as the Sappi international printer of the year 2008 equal to two pressure + Media Awards (best magazine and work printers) also secured the B.O.S.S pressure and media GmbH, Goch. Comes from Emsdetten the winner in terms of printed advertising material\”in this category won the innovation award of the German printing industry the Laing GmbH Emsdetten 2008.

DFL President Reinhard Rauball

Federal Cartel Office is at central TV marketing of Bundesliga stubborn Frankfurt on the main/Dusseldorf – it will not come probably to the downfall of German football, but the decision of the Bundeskartellamt, that to reject the planned TV marketing model, caused of the German Football League (DFL) great displeasure. According to the Cartel Office, the central marketing of television rights by the DFL represents an antitrust agreement that was allowed but only if the consumer will adequately involved whose benefits. The Cartel Office inter alia in the summary of the Erstliagspiele defines these benefits before 20: 00 in the free-to-air television. Bayern Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said of the impending loss of international competitiveness, DFL President Reinhard Rauball sees the German football thrown back by years. Now, there will be only once not higher revenue from the TV money for the Bundesliga clubs. This will affect negatively on the quality of the game. The public good becomes more and more suffer.

Until arrived at the end of the German professional football at Greek levels. He was protected then break\”, commented Marco Klewenhagen in the sponsoring magazine sponsor. The bottom line the Cartel Office made a decision, which has little to do with the reality of European football leagues\”, thinks the sponsor’s co-editor. EUR 80 million revenue per year to the former had 420 million is promised the clubs first and second of the new marketing model. \”Because the two leagues are thereby involved in the ratio 79 to 21, the 18 Ertsligaclubs have can – share alone 64 million euro Zusatzeinahmen peanuts in the international comparison: the 20 clubs in the English Premier League in the past season alone pocketed 1.2 billion in TV money\”, the daily newspaper the world be wind. New sources of money do not seem in sight. Because the revenue from merchandising, shirt sponsorship and ticket sales are exhausted despite new season ticket record largely.