Dazzling Industry

The 16 Cologne advertising night of the Cannes role 2008 goes to tour the annual Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival”Cannes on the Cote d’Azur is one of the world’s most famous events of the advertising industry. Here are the best commercials filtered out of 5,000 entries and awarded by a jury. The importance of there conferred “Lions” in gold, silver and bronze corresponds to the Oscars in the film industry. The award-winning spots are edited in an approximately 90-minute film, to introduce them to a broad audience. And who appears in this Cannes role, can count himself truly to the elite of the advertising industry. Being there is everything his Cologne promotional night with after-show party is held for the 16th time. It meets the E-Werk Cologne in the Hills Road to see and to be seen. It is something special to be, or to be invited, so tickets quickly sold out.

About 1,500 visitors are mostly ambitious moviegoers, creative and communications professionals and of course, the beautiful and boys from the agencies. After the presentation of the Cannes role is enough to talk about. On the subsequent after-show party enough time to get to know, talk shop, exchanges of thoughts is to engage in networking or to rock. The space saver E-Werk then turns to the dancefloor of the extra class. Association of the communication cards at the CTE now can be purchased tickets via the CTE West German Academy. The ticket price is 13 Euro incl. Western Union Company does not necessarily agree. drinks Bon and is available for CTE students and faculty for 10 euro.

The cards are online at to order or pick up in the period from Monday to Friday from 9: 00 to 22:00 and Saturday from 9: 00 to 15:00. Because the card quota is limited, the order decides on the allocation of tickets. How to contact with Brigitte Abels Tel.: 0172 96 84 327, E-Mail: address CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Bonn road 271, 50968 Cologne online

Social Media For Social Initiatives: A Critical Dialogue

Training seminar in Munich on March 30th, 2011 Augsburg, 10.2.2011. How social really are social media? And how will affect Facebook, Twitter and co. the social interaction? Initiatives and associations are now faced with the challenge to approach about the modern communication platforms to their target groups. On 30 March, speakers who outline – online media strategies for social initiatives and companies can leverage social media for the dissemination of their messages and goals convey gmbh in Munich. Social media take an ever-increasing role in the communication between individuals and businesses also are pushing increasingly into the social networks: in no other medium can so great news, rapidly and currently distributed in any other medium of contact with the target group can be made immediately. Social media for social initiatives also social initiatives and companies can benefit from the social media wave, if it the contact with is your target group and the accurate and current transport of their messages: in addition to an attractive and informative website, to the classic PR and the regular newsletter social media can be used profitably, to transport and spread information and messages.

Transparency and authenticity are crucial to compete in the direct dialogue with individuals. In real life, trust and sympathy decide interest and willingness of the fans. Social media: A critical dialogue with social media is about, with a largest possible audience in contact and to sustainably maintain this contact: own embassies and business goals, commitment to display the website on a social network craves variety, vivacity and exciting contributions. The user wants to enter into a critical dialogue with his company or association, make contact with real people and interact. An authentic and lively To build presence in social networks, it requires some commitment and professional support: social media can be used to develop of an interesting website only then profitably, if you’re investing time and attention.

Discussions do track and moderated, user up to date things are brought and entertain at the same time. Social media seminar for social initiatives and companies in the 30 hosted the outline – online media gmbh one workshop on the topic of social media for social initiatives and associations: exemplary social media presences and effective strategies are presented and discussed. Participants in-depth insight will also receive, what opportunities the company the social Web, and meet the construction of meaningful strategies to build a successful online reputation. Organizational seminar is the seminar on March 30, by 13 to 17 in the country Bavaria of the action protection of minors in the Fasanerie 17 job, 80636 Munich Instead of. Speakers are Josef Schmaus, Managing Director of the outline online media gmbh, journalist and member of the working group social media of the DPRG, and Sonam Flattenhutter, PR editor at outline. Interested parties can register kontakt.aspx at.


Audience legend: demographics and psycho-demographic target group simplifies often too early when working out of SoCal media marketing, resulting in ambiguity about the content in then out the back. The demographics is often for the development of marketing concepts used. Age and gender are perceived as sufficient underlying factors. We play through the times: your age group is between 25 and 35 years old. My question is: How do you write a Tweet for a man of this age group now? Communicates a 25 years other than a 35 years? We quickly realize that we come not very far with the age and gender, when we write a Textschnippsel for Facebook. Right, you got it.

The man is of course much more than age and gender. Our counterpart has interests, lives in certain contexts, values, beliefs, a self-image, a worldview, life experiences, claims, conflicts, living contradictions, has opinions who wants to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Tony Robbins has combined coaching by people of all age strata, incomes, cultures and sexes following basic needs: provide safety, variety, significance and appreciation, affiliation, a contribution and the Pursuit of growth. We are unhappy, we might have chosen a poor vehicle to satisfy one or more basic needs. I use even the logical tiers of the NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to be as specific in determining target group as possible. These are all starting points for your communication! As clients for your offer you can choose you, for example, to do something for the security needs of your customers. Better said: it addressed.

It makes completely different texts as if you adressierst the need for change. Communication based on a psycho-graphical determination of the target group can represent a major meta level about the product, making it the decisive added value that provides positive feedback to your business. Every communication involves repeat. We make unconscious most of the time the making or breaking of rapport.