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VIP Gifts

However, the new materials could not completely replace the tree – a soft, accessible and 'live' material – even the great pyramids of Egyptian pharaohs along with stone figures of gods sometimes are, and wood. Wood less durable, so that from ancient times until we reach a description that gave each other gifts were presented […]

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Civic Integration Examination

The requirements depend on the purpose of your stay in the Netherlands: work, study, family, visiting family members, for example. Certain requirements to be met regardless of your purpose of stay in Netherlands. For example, you must have a valid passport. To obtain a residence permit in many cases you will need to be tested […]

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General Shareholders Meeting

In addition, at the conclusion of the shareholders' agreement also open the question remains – is it possible to annul the decision General Meeting of Shareholders, adopted on the basis of the agreements set forth in the shareholder agreement. In terms of Part 7 of Article 49 of the Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies", […]

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Tax Code

We have a free democratic country, because yesterday, those who saw in the code of cons – took to the streets and expressed their disagreement. " "The government respects to all citizens, to all legitimate interests, but note that the decision we make in the interests of the overwhelming majority of our society. Yes, many […]

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